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5 reasons why pemra banned jalan on Ary Digital

Yesterday, PEMRA issued notice on banning drama serial jalan on ary digital. Due to its invalid content and disrespect of relationships it is highly criticised publicly. And PEMRA issued notice of banning it after giving many warnings to channel about changing its content. Here are 5 reasons why pemra banned jalan on Ary digital.

Invalid content:

Jalan drama banned on ary digital

Due to jalan ‘s invalid content Pemra decided to ban it. Jalan is the story of two sisters nisha and misha. Where nisha played by minal khan is jealous of her own sister misha played by Areeba habib.

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Nisha is used to obsessed by her sister’s favorite things always. She snatched all her favorite things from her and her elder sister doesn’t say anything because she is her younger sister and she loves her a lot. But now nisha has an eye on misha ‘s husband asfand. She wants to snatch her husband and her all property and big house. Nisha breaks her engagement with ahmer who also loves nisha a lot. But he realized that nisha is greedy girl and she has an eye on her brother in law.

Jalan on ary digital nisha and misha

Nisha used to play with the emotions of asfand and grab him in the trap of her crazy love. Asfand started to love her even he is married to her sister misha. He started to cheat his wife. Misha becomes pregnant and asfand confessed his love for nisha infront of her innocent wife when she knew all the truth of him and her sister.

Disrespect of relationships:

The relationship of husband and wife is beautiful and pure. Trust and love are the main reason of every relationship. If one is break trust of other than there will not remain a glimpse of love in any relationship.

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Asfand and nisha in jalan on ary digital

And in the drama serial jalan, content is related to disrespecting relationships of husband, wife and sister in law.

And it is not acceptable in our society. If these dramas happens in our real life then it will increase the rate of murder and suicides in our lives.

Against Islamic values:

According to hadith:

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دو سگی بہنوں کو نکاح میں جمع کرنا شریعت اسلام میں ناجائز اور حرام ہے

Nisha always said to her brother in law to divorce her wife misha who is her elder sister also and marries her. But it is against to Islamic traditions and values. Because at the same time two sisters cannot marry with one man.

And today in all the drama content every character is giving divorce to each other. So the rate of divorce in real life is also increasing. And divorce is one of the unwanted action near Allah. So it is one of the reason to ban the drama.

Jalan on ary digital

Use inappropriate sentences:

As I mentioned above that jalan ‘s content is provoking disrespect the relationship of brother in law and sister in law. So there is so much inappropriate scenes and sentences used in drama which urges pemra to ban it.

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Warnings by pemra:

Pemra banned jalan on Ary digital

According to pemra ‘s notice. Pemra warns jalan to change its content again and again but channel does not take action on it and continuously airing its transmission. And pemra now issed the notice of ban jalan drama on ary digital.

Pemra also ban the repeat telecast of drama serial pyar kay sadkay on hum tv and ishqia on ary digital. Just because of its invalid content like jalan.

Response from viewers after banning jalan:

When the notice issued by pemra social media users comes with response of banning it.

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Here you can see the response of viewers.

Review on jalan on ary digital
Review on jalan on ary digital
Review on ary digital

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