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Acha Sila Diya Is On Top Charts Despite Of Having Severe Criticism

Nora Fatehi is an Indian model actress and dancer who is considered as a bold heroine. Her physical features can seduce anyone. The new song by Noora Fatehi and Rajkumar Rao “Acha Sila Tum Ne Diya” is the first song.

It is taken from Joe’s 90s hit “Acha Sila Tum Ne Diya Mere Pyaar Ka” sung by K Suno Nigam in Bewafa Sanam.

Suno Nigam is one of the most famous singers in India. All his songs have a distinct identity and he has a distinct fan following. Rajkumar says that this is his first song with Nora. And co-star Nora has performed it very well. It’s impossible to describe in words.

Rajkummar says that when he found out that he was going to work with Nora and B Praak, his excitement was palpable because Nora is a beautiful and sophisticated actress and dancer. And b praak is a talented singer.

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This is the first song of Rajkumar Rao and Noora together. And both of them have done a great job in it. Many people are praising it. The big producer and directors say this. A true masterpiece۔

But despite all this, this song is facing severe criticism. Critics say that this song is a mix and nothing positive is seen in it. Due to this, it is getting a lot of criticism and quite People are starting to dislike him. But still it is one of the top trending song on YouTube. Here the video:

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