Ahsan khan

Ahsan khan won the heart across the border

Ahsan khan the well known pakistani television actor, model, tv presenter and host won the heart of people across the border by playing the character of Rashid in qayamat.

Qayamat is drama serial of Har pal Geo tv under the banner of 7th sky entertainment. Ahsan khan is playing very important role of Rashid which is praised by bollywood senior actress Zarina wahab. She said about ahsan khan:

As Rashid you are too much… Excellent work

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Ahsan khan is playing the role of Rashid who is extremely careless and rude towards his family and wife. He is selfish and does not take care of anyone’s feelings including her wife (played by Amar khan). He only cares about his own needs and demands.

Qayamat is the story of two families of different financial status but with the same background. Qayamat shows how much rich relatives have influenced on poor relatives. The story revolves around two girls Samra and Ifra. Samra is elder sister of Ifra. She is quite, simple, innocent whereas Ifra is totally opposite of her. Ifra is charming, loving and courageous girl who can take stand against bad choices.

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Samra forcefully married to Rashid who continued to keep arrogant towards her. Samra was treated badly from her mother in law and her husband. But she keeps silent and have patience.

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