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Aijazz aslam praises the girl of #pawrihoraihai

Today’s a Pakistani girl is on trending with hashtag of #pawrihoraihai. The girl called Dananeer went viral on social media platforms after posting a video where she and her friends were doing party in Northern area of Pakistan. She used to tell her audience in her own accent that she is there and her friends are doing party. Which sound funny, hillirious and enjoyable. And her video was gone viral.

Thousand of tiktokers and bloggers came in front of camera and started to make videos. Celebrities also came and post the hillirious videos with the hashtag of #pawrihoraihai.

In the meanwhile Aijaz aslam praised the girl on his insta story. By saing:

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Thank you for giving us an such entertaining content. Keep shinning and bring more.

Many other celebrities including aijazz aslam with nand entire team and minal khan with her friends and other celebrities continue to enjoy her accent and making video on it. Here are the top videos of the #pawrihoraihai

Just as Ahmed shah the famous pakistani lil boy of #peechaydekho who is famous across in pakistan as well as across the border. Across the border various celebrities copied his video and love the lil chump. Now all of the brother Ahmed shah is popular on social media. And huge people love them a lot. And they have huge fan following from the world.

In the year of 2020 nimra ali also went viral through a video where she was chirping beautifully in her own enjoyment and accent. She was gained much publicity through various news channels and morning shows. Now she is full time star of Pakistan.

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