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Alovera in beauty hacks vs in health care unit

Alovera beauty hacks health

Alovera is the precious gift of God to human. It is the plant which we grow in our home as well as we can use it in our healthy diet and beauty hacks like hair growth and face. I am going to share both faces of Alovera gel. That how can we use Alovera gel for hair in beauty hacks and Alovera in health care unit. Alovera gel for hair growth in beauty hacks prevents our skin from harmful effects of sunburn, dryness and dark circles etc. And Alovera in health care unit is essential to stock our health level on top level. Read complete blog to know about benefits of Alovera gel for hair in beauty and Alovera in health.

Alovera in Beauty hacks:

Alovera beauty hacks

Well I read many articles and blogs of Alovera gel for hair beauty benefits. And also I watched many videos that how we use Alovera in skin care routine. Like we can make sprays, night gelly cream or mask, Alovera scrub, Alovera as moisturizer, Alovera as conditioning the hair etc.

And the good thing is that these all remedies works very well. Yes I will share all recipes of it.

Alovera as Spray:

Alovera can be used as a spray. Yes you can use as a makeup setting or a body spray. The pure Alovera spray feels you to smells good. And it doesn’t harm your skin anymore.

  • Take pure Alovera gell.
  • Blend it with little water
  • Take a spray bottle or sanitize bottle.
  • Wash it with hot luke water.
  • Pour a one part of Alovera gell and three part of water.
  • Take a 2 drops of essential oil. (optional)
  • Three a few drops of vitamin E oil.
  • Shake it well before using.
  • Grantee it will work.

Alovera as night gelly mask:

Alovera as night gelly mask prevents our skin to become dry. As well as it calm our skin from heated. We can apply it all over the night or we can use it as a night cream.

  • Prepare a thick Alovera gell for mask.
  • Mix a few drops of massage oil.
  • Mix it well. And use it as a mask or apply it as a night cream.

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Alovera as moisturizer:

As moisturizer, we can give our skin a healing pro through it. And apply it on right area of our skin. Where we want our skin to be smoother and beautiful.

There is two way to make it. With body lotion or with almond oil.

  • Take Alovera gell and blend it. Not with water.
  • Mix it with body lotion or almond oil. Its up to you.
  • Apply it on dry skin
  • You may leave it all over the night.

Alovera as dark circles and puffiness:

Alovera prevents us from dark circles and puffiness. Woman especially sufferers of dark circles and puffiness. There is no remedy to take the problem away except Alovera.

Just take a patch of Alovera and place it on our eyes. It reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Alovera gel for hair as conditioner:

Alovera beauty hacks health

Aloveragel for hair can be used as conditioner for hair. Its cooling property smooth our hair like a silk. We can also use Alovera spray for our dead hair.

  • Make Alovera juice and green tea.
  • Mix both of them in spray bottle Spray all over the hair.
  • Wash it after two hours.
  • You will find your hair smother and straight.

These are the beauty hacks remedies of Alovera gell. And trust me if you are willing to do all the remedies daily. You will find a best result. And you need not to buy expensive skin care products.

Alovera in health care unit:

I used to watched my father, drinking Alovera juice twice a week. He is a diabetic patient and he considered that Alovera is essential for weight loss and reducing sugar level as well. Yes and these things are true about Alovera.

First of all I will tell you the benefit of Alovera in health then I will disclose the recipe of Alovera juice which will quite drinkable.

Sugar level:

It controls sugar level. The diabetic patients have serious issue about their sugar level in blood. When there sugar level increases in blood it can cause heart and kidney diseases. That’s why Alovera juice reduces sugar level in blood.

Weight loss:

And also it reduces weight in our body. Weight gaining in man and woman causes horrible diseases. That’s why always maintain yourself fit and healthy by reducing weight.

Ulcer in stomach:

Alovera prevents stomach from ulcer disease. As it has cooling property. That prevents stomach from heat and extra acids. The juice helps you to digest the food easily.


Elovera juice as work as digestion of food or it can better the system of digestion. And constipition patients feel healthy after drinking it.

Recipe of Alovera juice:


Take a large Alovera. Cut it with sharp knife. Take out its gel. Blend it with 3 cup of water. Add black pepper. Your pure Alovera juice is ready. Another ways is to make that you can add lemon juice, mint, pineapple juice or orange juice to make its taste better than sour. I hope you will find best of your knowledge. If! Than please share my blog on your accounts.

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