Amar khan powerpact performance last night in qayamat

Amar khan the well-known and talented actress and fashion icon of Pakistan is seen in the har pal geo tv drama Qayamat nowadays. Where she is playing the role of Ahsan khan‘s wife Samra. Samra is a very quiet, simple, and innocent girl. She has the quality of sacrificing. She sacrificed her first love for the sake of her parents and sister. And she married Rashid aka Ahsan khan who is different opposite in nature of Samra.

And last night we saw that Samra died sadly. On the day of mehndi of Ifra, Samra and Rashid were fighting and Rashid pushed her hard. And she said goodbye to her loveless and miserable life forever. Now we can see the biggest twist on the plot. As per the first impression, it is seen that Rashid murdered accidentally Samra an unusual event. Will ifra take revenge on her sister by marrying Rashid? Will she go to sacrifice her love for the sake of her sister?

Amar khan posted a heart touching video where her mother is watching the scene of Samra ‘s death. And she was looking sad and tensed. Read the note of Amar khan posted on Instagram.

Amar Khan was last seen in the drama serial Dil e Gumshuda. And her performance in her previous drama was a power pact as usual. But as I am talking about qayamat. She played a different character.

Amar khan has done a film along with Imran ashraf. And this is the most awaited film of their fans along with other movies like tich button, Quaid e Azam zindabad, mola jutt and others.

The drama continues to create hype from its first episode. And Ahsan khan is praised by millions of people not only in Pakistan but in Bollywood also. The senior actress of Bollywood Zarina Wahab praised Ahsan for the role of Rashid. Read here.


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