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Amir khan‘s Laal Singh Chadda movie Review: beyond the criticism!

Amir khans Laal Singh chaddha movie was a much-awaited film for the last 3 years. 180 crore budget film is based on the remake of the movie Forest Gump. Where Amir khan successfully managed to give it the pure touch of Indian culture and Indian historic events. Amir khan‘s film laal Singh chadda starred Amir khan, Kareena Kapoor, Naga Chaitanya and Mona Singh in the pivotal role.

Laal Singh chadda story/plot:

Laal Singh chadda’s story is based on the life journey of Punjabi boy Laal who struggles with ups and downs in his life. The film starts where Amir khan as Laal Singh chadda sitting on the train to Chennai. Where he starts his conversation with people sitting next to him on the train. He tells them about his life.

The story starts with magical shoes where his mother (Mona Singh) of Laal Singh chadda tells him about the magical shoes he wore. Laal had defects in his legs which create problems in walking. Laal Singh chadda ‘s mother tells laal that he is not a special child, he is the same as other normal children of society. He should do his work own and he does not need anyone’s help.

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Laal Singh chadda ‘s mother did struggle to get admission to a good school in the town. On the first day of his school, laal found Rupa (Kareena Kapoor) as his friend. Laal falls for her. He started to like her and in his childhood, he asked her for marriage. Rupa‘s mother did love marriage and one-day rupa‘s father killed her mother in front of her for the sake of ten rupees.

One day, due to the bad boys of the town who throw stones at him, little laal ran hard and his defective legs went heel due to the miracle from God. He ran fast as he can. Now laal can run and walk like the cheetah.

Rupa from this terrific incident always wanted to get rich. In college, laal and rupa studied together. Laal was selected for the running matches in his college. Where rupa took participation in modeling.

As time passed, rupa has gone to Bombay to be a big heroine and Laal was selected in the Indian army. Laal found a Bengali friend in Army named Bala (Naga Chaitanya). Bala‘s forefathers are the makers of undergarments. Bala used to tell his techniques of making undergarments to Laal Singh chaddha. Bala planned to start a business with laal Singh chaddha after the Army job.

One day Laal and Bala were sent to Kargil for the ultimate war with terrorists. Bala was martyred in war, but laal saved 5 men from killing in a bomb blast including one terrorist Mohammed paaji. Mohammed paaji lost his leg in this accident.

Laal got praise from the government of India with medals. But laal is declared unfit to go to war next time. So he sent for further jobs in Army.

After the army, laal started the Bala undergarments business as Bala wanted to do with him. Laal Singh chaddha hire Mohamad paaji as his marketing manager. Mohammed paaji changed the name of the company to Rupa undergarments. They make profits of millions and billions together from rupa corporations.

Laal Singh Chadha’s friend Mohammed paaji one day went to his village to save the children from being born a terrorist. And also laal Singh chaddha found her mother’s illness. After some days his mother (mona Singh) passed away.

Laal Singh chadda always loves rupa. One day rupa came to the village of laal. She starts living with him. Laal proposed to her but she refused to marry him. Laal thought that he is not smart which is why rupa did not like him as a husband.

At night the police came and rupa secretly leaves from his house of laal with the police. In the morning laal did not find rupa. But he found that rupa was relationships with dons of Bombay to get good roles in the film. She helped the police in catching them. So she got 6 months of prisoned punishment. Laal used to run fast as he can in all the cities of India. He became famous all over the media for catching the attention of people.

Laal silently ran, and other people used to run with him as they found hope in him. The people of the big mass ran behind him. And one day stopped. He said he became tired. He went to his hometown. Where Rupa and Laal Singh chaddha got married.

They had a boy. After For some years, rupa got serious health issues. And she died and left his son to laal Singh chaddha. Laal raised his son and it seems to begin the new hope in his life.

Laal Singh chadda beyond the criticism:

Influenced people want to boycott the Amir khan’s laal Singh chaddha as they found out that the movie is hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and Sikhs. Moreover, it is defaming the Indian army in the movie by showing inappropriate historical events. And also netizens criticize Amir khan’s production of cast Mona Singh as Amir khan‘s mother in the film. Where Amir khan is 57 years old and mona Singh is 40 years old actress. Which did not justify the age gap between Amir khan and Mona Singh.

But beyond the criticism, the laal Singh chadda is a full package to watch the journey of a special Panjabi boy in the pure Indian Punjabi accent. The film is paisa wasool film. Where you will never get disappointed at any minute.

Actors of Laal Singh chaddha:

Amir khan‘s Laal Singh Chadda movie had not a group of highly influenced actors from Hindi cinema. The film had only 4 actors in pivotal roles whereas we found only 2 people in strong characters including Amir khan as laal Singh Chadha and mona Singh as laal ‘ mother. If we minus these 2 characters then there is no charm left in the film.

Mona Singh as laal Singh chadda ‘s mother is a very strong character in the film. We consider the main pillar of the film. Mona Singh did pure justice to her character. Without her, there is no one left important in Laal’s life. She is the hope and strength of laal in his life. A teacher, a guide, and a guardian of laal in the film.

Naga Chaitanya acted in his debut film in Hindi cinema. He also acted well and he carried his character very beautifully.

Kareena Kapoor is the heroine and she acted as the heroine as we accepted. It is also a good character of the film to enjoy with it.

Go and watch the film and spread love of laal in your surroundings.

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