You are currently viewing Atrangi Re addresses mental health issues and traumas of society over love marriages.

Atrangi Re addresses mental health issues and traumas of society over love marriages.

Atrangi Re is the Disney Hotstar film starring Sara Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Dhanush. Atrangi Re movie release date is 24 December 2021. Watch Atrangi Re full movie on YouTube and Disney Hotsar.

Atrangi Re’s story revolves around Bihar’s beautiful grown-up girl Rinku and Tamil boy Vishnu. Rinku loves a boy for ten years, and she always runs with him and at last caught by her family. Rinku’s grandmother decided to marry her from any boy at any cost at one night. Rinku’s family kidnaps Vishnu a Tamil boy who comes to Bihar with his friends. Rinku and Vishnu were forcefully married by family. Then the family sent the couple to Tamil Nadu by train.

On the train, the couple confesses about their lovers and also that they both are not happy with this marriage. And both decided to part their ways in Delhi.

In Delhi, Vishnu keeps Rinku with him in the hostel and when he goes to Chennai for his engagement with the beautiful girl, he takes her with him in his engagement. During the engagement, the bride’s sister watches the video about their wedding. Engagement goes canceled and Vishnu takes Rinku with her in Delhi. Where heartbroken Vishnu confesses his love to Rinku in the Tamil language that she cannot understand. Suddenly Rinku tells Vishnu that his lover Sajjad (Akshay Kumar) comes. She runs towards him and Vishnu decides to divorce her so that she will marry Sajjad.

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Vishnu sent his friend Madhu to meet Sajjad in the hotel. He reaches the hotel to meet Sajjad and gives them the message of Vishnu about taking divorce. But he returns with a shocking message for Vishnu that changes their lives.

Vishnu came to know about Sajjad the man not existing. It’s Rinku’s imagination lover and only she can see him and feel him. Then Vishnu and his friend come to know that Sajjad’s appearance might be his father. And they start to realize that the man is not for her. They give her medicine and the comedy dramatic scenes turn Rinku to love Vishnu and at last the secret of love of Rinku and Sajjad is finally out.

The Sajjad was her father whom her mother married. He was a Muslim magician. She goes to meet her father with her mother when she was four years old at the circus.

Flashback of Rinku shows that Rinku’s mother married a Muslim boy and they had a Lil girl Rinku was born.

In the end, the grandmother and the family kill Sajjad by replacing his petrol can with a real one on the magic point. Sajjad pours petrol on himself and fire grabs him. The mother and daughter watch the whole scene and the Rinku mother also jumps in the fire. They both die.

And Lil Rinku imagines that the whole murder that takes place is just a magical play. And she starts to imagine her father as her hero for life.

When the imagination of Rinku came to an end she returns to her husband Vishnu and it is going happy ending of the film.


Atrangi Re claims about the mental health of a child when they go through a trauma of life. How much the horrible incident plays with the small mind and brain of the child. Mental health is also important for adult ones. The film delivers the message about settling these issues in a certain manner.

And also, forceful marriages still happen in the state of India where the orthodox families kill the couples who did love marriage with their wishes. Every person has the right to love with their own choices to choose their life partners. No one is allowed to interfere in the personal choices of individuals.

Talking about the powerpack performances of actors, Sara Ali Khan steals the show with her brilliant performance. With her Bihar accent of language and the innocence of Rinku, she acted flawlessly.

Moreover, the performance of Dhanush reminds me of his first Hindi film Ranjhana along with Sonam Kapoor. He brilliant acted the role of doctor husband who loves his wife and wanted her happy. His role is very beautiful and acted perfectly.

Now come to the well-experienced actor Akshay Kumar’s performance, he performed the character of Sara hero, and the father as well. In a past flashback, Rinku’s mother was also played by Sara khan who married Sajjad aka Akshay Kumar. The dual mysterious role is just fabulous. If you want to spend a good time just switch to watch the film Atrangi re and enjoy its beautiful songs Chaka Chak and Tere rang which are my favorite number by Shreya Ghoshal.

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