Aulaad drama serial is an extraordinary emotional roller-coaster

Aulaad drama serial is airing every Tuesday at 8 pm on Ary digital. The drama is based on the Rollercoaster life of parents, who is extremely emotionally foolish in the hands of their children.

The story revolves around a middle-class family where the father and mother raised their 5 children with full love and passion. Some clashes were found between the father and his eldest son which made him leave the home with his wife and children. When the father is retired from his college, he lost all his financial support from his sons.

Later younger son insists his parents transfer their property to his loved lady muskaan, otherwise, he will commit suicide. Both old parents transfer their house property to their daughter-in-law. And remaining prohibited funds to other sons.

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this drama, the story is extraordinary where parents don’t secure their future for their upcoming life. Although they did not secure funds for their two daughter’s future.

The story shows the need for sons in the life of parents. Where always parents have proud to have sons in their lives. And they give them priority over their daughter. People always prefer boys over girls. And this drama shows the reality of boys where there are just use their parents in the name of love.

The drama has an extraordinary story full of an emotional roller-coaster. First of all, the parents that have shown in the Aulaad drama serial are so much poor and in a miserable condition. That doesn’t suit them. Because the financial status that is shown in the drama is not so poor and middle class but the family is well settled and every son has a good job along with the father.

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There is no need of giving everything to their children in this drama. Where the father is given his own house to his daughter-in-law. That shows an overrated script. If the father wants to save the life of the son from suicide then he must transfer the house property to his son’s name.

Overall we are waiting for the next melodrama of the drama serial Aulaad. There is no doubt that the scripts succeed to get the attention of viewers. Every episode is continuous to hook up the audience.

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