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Aurat gardi is featuring javeria Saud and aly khan

Urduflix is going to launch another show in March. named Aurat gardi. Urduflix is the new emerging platform of Pakistan where it provides quality entertainment on the web. It is Pakistan’s first OTT platform inspired by Netflix. And its aim to provide quality content on the web platform.

Aurat gardi is a very interesting web series. As its name suggests, it represents feminism. Where women try to raise the campaign against men and they are trying to impose their rights on men.

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The web series is featuring Javeria Saud and Aly khan. Its first trailer is launched. Where you can see that Javeria Saud is leading the women’s march. And she remembers the right of women to Aly khan who seems is a politician.

March is the month of the women’s march which is celebrated all over the world. Where women celebrate and raise voices for their rights in front of men.

In various countries, the women’s march is a controversial subject. Especially in Pakistan, the concept of feminism goes in the wrong way. And in Pakistan, there is a war momentum between men and women over women march. Where women raise their slogans, it goes a very hot topic on the internet.

In 2020, women raised the slogan of “mera jism meri marzi” which went viral on the internet. And scholars, writers go against these slogans. And people took these slogans very abusive and vulgar.

This web series exactly runs on these slogans and Aurat gardi in women march. That looks very promising. And people will be looking forward to watching it.

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