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Azaan sami’s “mein tera” won the heart of music lovers

Azaan Sami launched the first song of his music album called “main tera”. Which is loved by millions of people. He got a million views on youtube and social media platforms. The song is loved by people. And they highly appreciate his music.

“Mein tera” is the first song on this music album. Azaan Sami’s music album has 9 songs. It also had Rahat Fateh Ali khan featured voice.

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It is not new that Azaan Sami launched his music. But he gave outstanding music to the movie superstar, puray hut love, and parvaz hai Junoon. All of the films are superb and the music is fantastic.

Azaan is the son of Adnan Sami and Pakistani veteran actress Zeba Bakhtiar.

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