You are currently viewing Babar Azam’s video goes viral, #WeStandwithBabar

Babar Azam’s video goes viral, #WeStandwithBabar

Babar Azam‘s video goes viral and he is relieved of the captaincy. Babar Azam is one of the best batsmen in the world who has been in the top 5 in all three formats. He has reigned at number one in T20 for more than a year. Similarly, the one-day man has been at the number one position. Babar Azam is currently the captain of the national team in all three formats and is making records day by day due to his constant presence. You have broken many records of legendary batsmen like Virat Kohli, Hashim Amla, and Mohammad Yousaf.

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Criticism has intensified after the recent series loss. First, they lost the Test series against England 3-0, and then they lost the ODI series against New Zealand by 3-1.
Where many people got a chance to speak. And people are repeatedly questioning the captaincy of Babar Azam۔. The more sensational news is that the opponents have started adopting new tactics against Babar Azam and some edited video is being attributed to Babar Azam. Which was shared from an Indian account. Later this account has also been deleted۔Where Babar is facing criticism, there is no decrease in the number of fans of Babar Azam. Babar’s fans have requested India to support Babar۔This is a hero of God, don’t defame him.

The top trend on Twitter today is “we stand with Babar

Praise Babar Azam’s batting, whether he is an English commentator or an African coach, everyone writes about Babar. All of them say that there will be no player like Babar Azam in the world. While the propaganda against the captaincy has been rejected by the Pakistan Cricket Board and they say that Babar can add whomever he wants to the team. And Babar Azam will remain the captain of all three formats. While his viral video with a girl named Ayesha Rajput is being termed as baseless propaganda.

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