16 Basic hair care tips of all time

Basic hair care tips is the need of every girl and women. Hair is the beautiful part of our body. If we do not care of it. We cannot enhance our beauty. Infact our personality is incomplete without beautiful shiny hair. Our complete look is incomplete without good hair style. So here are the basic hair care tips of all time.

Wash your hair daily:

Shampoo and conditioner basic hair care tips

Wash your hair daily. You should wash your hair before sleep at night or after sleep at morning. Whatever you wish. In our daily routine, girls are going to school, college or office for work. And they are facing problems of dust particles. Dust dries our hair terribly if we don’t wash it properly. And due to dust it causes dandruff problems. And also working women are facing problems of sweating. In hot days our scalp start sweating. And this sweat is caused allergy and hair fall. Its ok if you wash your hair with simple water without shampoo and conditioner. Just wash your hair properly.

Combing twice a day:

Combing basic hair care tips

Comb your hair twice a day. Because the teeth of your comb fasten the circulation of blood around your head. And good blood circulation is good for hair growth. Good combing gives your better result. And also Combing will reduce the rate of hair fall.

Use good combing brushes which suits your head and hair. Soft combing brushes are good.

Oiling twice in a week:

Oil is the food for your hair. Oiling is very good process for growing your hair fast. Try oiling twice a week.

Oiling basic hair care tips

First put a good amount of oil to your palm. And massage it on your hair scalp. The process of massaging will increase your blood flow around your head. And you will feel relax and quite after this process. After 24 hours wash your hair with shampoo.

Here are the essential hair oil for hair growth.

Coconut oil:

It is very cheap item that we used in daily routine. It is very good oil for hair growth. Coconut oil is light in weight and easily Washable. Because some oil are hard to wash from hair. But its thin texture easily remove from hair.

Castor oil:

It is essential for hair growth. Not only for hair growth but it is also used in the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Its texture is thick so you can mix alovera gel or alovera juice into it. Alovera encourages growth when it mix with any essential oil.

Green tea rinse:

Green tea rinse

Due to its benefits, green tea is used in daily routine now. People mostly used it for weight loss or to help out in digestive system. But there is another benefit of green tea is that we can use it in hair growth.

Just make a green tea and make it cool down. Wash your hair with it. Its herbal effects encourages hair growth. As well as, it clear the scalp with dirt, smoke and germs.

Rice water sprays:

Rice water basic hair care tips

Rice water is very benificial for skin as well as for hair. Just soak rice into water and use this water to speay your hair. You can wash you hair by that. Because it returns the lost shine of your hair.

Nowadays, girls use rice water for their skin when they use to go out. Fill your little spray with rice water. Use this on your hair and skin as well.

Alovera gel:

Alovera gel basic hair care tips

Alovera gel is used in many beauty treatments nowadays. Like in skin care treatments, hair growth and in health unit.

Read here alovera in beauty hacks and health care unit.

Alovera gel is used to straighten the hair. As well as if we mix it with essential oils then it helps in hair growth. We can also make a juice of alovera gel and wash our hair with it.

Use of hot towel:

Hot towels, basic hair care tips

Heat your towel and wrap around your hair. Hot towel will open your closed pores of head and then tiny hair will come out. You will see the result after a month when you feel than your hair will thick. And you will find some tiny hairs around your head. Hot towels are widely used by old women. It is the remedy of stone age people.

Healthy diet:

Healthy diet basic hair care tips

Keep your diet healthy. Say no to junk foods. Just kept away oily and heavy fatty meal from your meal. Beans, fishes, green vegetables are the main ingredients to grow your hair faster.

Fish food for hair growth:


Bangladeshi women have long and thick hair. Because they are using fish meal in daily routine. Fish oil tablets or fish in meal is very very good for hair growth. It produces the enzymes that increase hair growth in women.

Use of vitamins:

Vitamins hair care tips

Biotin and omega fatty acids are good for hair growth. These vitamins are available in tablets as well as we can see these ingredients in many shampoos and conditioner. Biotin is great for hair and nail growth as well. Omega fatty acids increases the elasticity of hair and growth as well.

Moreover vitamin A and E is also good for hair growth naturally. We can find it in food and in tablets also. Vitamin A and E also help if you are facing dry skin scalp and dandruff problems.

Avoid excessive blow-drying:


Different electric machines are now available in market to give your hair smoothness, shine and volume. But it is temporary. Curling rods, straightener, blow-drying machines cause heavy damage to our hair. We will face roughness, split ends and broken hair. Blow-drying no doubt gives a good volume to our hair but its excessive heat causes many problems mentioned above.

coloring and bleached hair:

Bleached hair

In 2019, the trend of bleached and colored hair are on its peak. And this trend is going on. Girls, teens and women of every age followed this trend. Infact in eastern countries, their women followed this trend as well. Many bloggers are active on social media with this trend.

But this trend causes bad hair problems. Bleached spoiled hair badly. And colored hair causes roughness. All shine of hair are gone. And we are here with damaged hair.

Trim your hair every month:


Plants and hair need trimming. By trimming it will fasten your hair growth by 2x. The process of trimming cut the split ends as well. Decide the 1st day of month for trimming. And in every month trim your hair where you want. Just cut 1 inch of your hair. And you will get 2 inch growth with a month. It is recommended by me. The true remedy to grow hair faster.

Homemade hair masks:

Basic hair care tips

Homemade hair masks are very essential. The most used remedy by housewives. Housewives use homemade masks for hair growth. Homemade masks like egg mask, matcha powder mask and orange peel mask are very good to use. Try these homemade mask at home. You will see the result with one month. These mask smoothen your hair. You will get shiny and dandruff free hair.

Cover head from harmful radiation:

Cover your head from harmful radiation basic hair care tips

If you are working women and you go out for daily chores then you must protect your hair from harmful radiation. You can use caps and scarfs to cover your hair from radiation. Or if you don’t like to cover your hair then you must use hair nourishing creams and oil to protect your hair.

Avoid tight braids:

16 basic hair care tips

Tight braids are the main cause of broken hair or hair fall directly from scalp. You may lose your hair by tight braids. Try to loose your braids or you can try buns and tails as your hair styles. And also at night untie your braids. Just relax and open your hair.

I hope you will find right solution according to your hair. If you find something good in my blog. Then tell me in comment section.

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