Beauty tips for girls, try these remedies to look classy

Beauty tips for girls, its my new blog especially for girls. Girls means, school or college going. And off course for the university one also try these remedies. And working or office going girls. Girls are hilariously obsessed by beauty divas like Hande ercel , Deepika padukone , Emma watson , Mahira khan , or Aliya bhutt etc. There skin are glowing day by day. As they are just refused to age. They are maintained their self classy and hot. I mentioned these names because I saw them five have no more used heavy make. When we watched their skin, it used to be clear. No spot of acne, scars or dark circles present on their glassy skin. They are and many more divas have natural beauty. Beauty tips for girls is difficult to share. Because there are many remedies. And many beauty bloggers are love to share beauty tips for girls especially. And may be you read different topics. I am here to present a crux of all blogs. I hope this will help you girls.

Let me tell you that beauty tips are no more just relate to skin care. No way!. It is a vast topic about skin care, makeup routine, exercise, healthy food, sleeping hours and beauty products that we are using in daily routine. These all are called beauty tips. And I think you are lucky to have me. Who’ll share all the simple routine of beauty tips.


Yoga meditation for girls

Morning exercise, its too slow for girls. Exercise includes workout, gym, yoga etc. And for teenagers, its too slow for them. Because in teens when girls are school or college going, it has been a nightmare for them to get up earlier in the morning. Then how can they will do exercise in morning. For these type of girls, who have problems of getting up early in morning. They must try yoga. Yoga meditation relaxes your muscles. And it helps you to reduce your anxiety level. The anxiety level in girls about school and college matters and other. When girls feel relaxed their skin will feel calm with no stress marks.

You can try best yoga classes on youtube channal.

Makeup routine for girls:

Makeup routine for girls

After having breakfast, girls are likely to stand before mirror. Because they have to get ready for morning work. Teens are love to wear makeup. Wakeup girls you are not born for a makeup. You first have a beautiful skin which have no dark circles, acne, pimples or marks etc. Your skin spouse to be clear first.

Beauty tips for girls:

Use these products step by step:

Girls first clean your face. Use hot towel to open the pores of face. And after that wash your face with good face wash and wash your face with cold water to close the pores. You feel fresh after this.

For school going:

  • Apply sun blog on your face.
  • Use a good day cream like BB creams are best for school going girls.
  • Try black pencil(kajal) on your eyes.
  • Apply lipbalm on your lips. As it moisturized your lips.
  • Always try to tie up your hair. Like in ponytail and bun.

For college going:

  • Apply sun blog first.
  • After you can use foundation or BB cream.
  • Use black pencil.
  • Use lash curler for curling your lashes.
  • Matte blushes define your look.
  • Its good if you are using lipbalm as per your choice.
  • Try to do a messy bun.

Working girls:

  • Use sun screen first.
  • Apply primer.
  • Use SPF Foundation. Read SPF radiant foundation review
  • Give your eye a blended smooky look.
  • Apply matte blushes.
  • Matte lipsticks define your looks.
  • Try messy bun, french styles.

Pimples and acne:

Are you using right face wash, foundation, cream or other products on your face. If you, then why pimples. There are many reasons behind it. May be girls are not having proper meal. Or they are eating junks or fatty meal. Junks may hotten your stomach and you suffer of acne and pimples on your face.

Right foundation:

May be your foundation is not suiting your face. May be you are using night cream which is not suiting your skin. Don’t worry. Read my full blog where you find your right skin tone and right foundation for your skin.


Girls are love to apply primer on her face. They are used to watch Instagram videos where beauty bloggers are highly recommended primer. But wait, let me tell you primer is not for every skin. Especially girls. Are you used to go for facial treatments? I hope not. Because you have no time to go for facial treatments as you were busy in your daily chores.

Primer is for those who have open pores on their skin. Facial treatments open their pores around cheek and nose areas. And primer is used to fill and smoothen that areas.

Girls you have baby skin type. Especially school and college going girls. Don’t use too much makeup and treatments on your face because little baby fat suited on your face.

Sun blog:

Sun screen creams or sun blog I will highly recommended for girls. It protects your skin from harmful effects of sun light. Just try to use sun blog before makeup. There’s no issue to use it before makeup. It highly protect your skin from sun screens.

Black pencil:

Black pencil, eyeliner and kajal is very important for girls. I recommended black pencil to use as eyeliner. And also I used brown pencil over black pencil. Then I go for blending. The mixture of black and brown gives me natural black eye color like no makeup look.


Girls don’t use shimmer blush products. Always I preferred matte blush products. If you want to highlight your face then after matte blushes you can use glitter on your face.

Lip balm or lipsticks:

Teens should use lipbalm of pink color. You can easily make lipbalm on your home. Read my blog about expired makeup recycle. Where you will find your right choice.

I am university going girl so sometimes I use lipbalm otherwise I use lipstick. Not matte. Its too over for me. Its Rivaj nude brown shade 36. You can use nude lipsticks in every field of life. Nude lipsticks gives you natural classy look.


Hairstyle routine for the girls

Mostly girls want long thick hair. Some of them like short hair. Like me. I have long hair and its too difficult for me to tie up my hair in bun or ponytail. So I preferred medium length hair. Where at least you can try ponytail, french style, messy bun etc.

School and college girls should tie up their hair in bun or pony. Because they have many works to do. Hair falling on face may irritate you.

University girls should tie up their hair in messy bun. Messy bun gives the girl a hot and classy look that could easily carried.

Shoe and bag:

Beauty tips for girls

When girls going outside. Its difficult to choice a right shoe according to dress and hand bags. I should give you advise about choosing shoes and bags.

If you are wearing bright dress like red, hot pink, black or blue then contrast your shoes with the least color in your dress. It is looking very classy when your shoe color will match your hand bag. In my next blog I will tell you about contrasting accessories of shoe, bag and dress.

Skin care beauty tips:

I will share my skin care routine with you girls.

  • I only one time use face wash to clean my face. As it has many chemicals that’s why I only used it one a day.
  • I have a paste of raw turmeric powder, baking soda, raw milk and bonasus (besan). Which I try twice a week. It clean my face easily and I am glowing like a pro.
  • I used black head removal remedies at home. Read my full blog on blackheads removal experience.
  • I used coconut oil to remove my makeup.
  • Coconut oil preserves my hair growth. It owns my long hair. Read here.

Nightly routine of beauty tips:

Your night time routine must be maintained.

  • Don’t use face wash as a makeup removal.
  • Always try coconut oil if your cleanser products are unavailable.
  • Coconut oil prevents your skin from dryness.
  • Try to use less makeup girls but if you have to attend a special occasion.
  • Excessive use of makeup can damage your skin earlier. It can make your skin oily.
  • After makeup removal, don’t forget to apply a good moisturizer on your skin including eye cream.
  • Eye cream reduces dark circles and puffiness.
  • Don’t hesitate if you are using moisturizer and night cream as you are in teens. Because if you start these remedies earlier then it must benefited your skin in older age.

Health corner:

Girls should maintain their good health. As they have a lot of works to do.

Eat healthy food.

Avoid junk food.

Avoid cold water after meal.

Don’t gain extra weight and fat around belly.

Drink a lot of water as you can drink. Try to drink water of room temperature. This habit tighten your skin.

Healthy food:

After morning exercise, lets come towards your breakfast. A healthy meal will boost your energy level. In body when our energy level boost, the circulation of blood become more efficient. And your body feel better and relax.

When girls are obsessed by their favorite divas, then they are used to follow them. And they wanted to be beautiful like them. And also wished to have a exact figure as they are. But let me tell you one thing girls. There’s not one thing behind their physic and beauty but more than one factor. Like they are used to go gym, workout, they preferred healthy but less meal. Yes! That’s the point I wanted to teach you that healthy but less meal.

It’s a logical quote that a human must eat three meals. Eat first meal like a king, eat second meal like a laborer and third one like a beggar.

Breakfast like a king:

Logic is that first meal is called breakfast. And when human ‘s stomach is empty for 6 to 7 hours from night. It needs a big meal to recover. That’s why it is important to have a good breakfast like king. You can eat anything that you like as you are spouse to be a king or queen at this time.

Lunch like a labour:

2nd meal is called lunch. Logic is that you did your breakfast and after that you have to go for work. Girls are gone to school, college, university or office. They are all have to work their. In afternoon they feel little bit tired like a labourer. They need a meal to vanish their hunger. This time you are labour and you have to reduce your meal half to breakfast.

Girls should have a healthy meal in hunch time. It is good if you will use green and yellow things as your meal. Like salat, beans, dal etc. These meals have nutrients that you need. An healthy meal beautify your body from inner.

Dinner like a beggar:

3rd meal is called dinner. If you didn’t believe in above two logics of breakfast and dinner. Then you have to believe in 3rd one. Eat like a beggar. The logic in quote is that after having dinner, we are gone to bed for sleeping. We spouse to do nothing after dinner. No exercise no workout to digest one meal.

That’s why it is said you have to reduce your meal half of your lunch. Just give a time to stomach to digest your meal when you are sleeping. And it almost take 3 to 4 hours to digest a food when you are sleeping. When you wake up in morning it is good for you that your stomach is empty. You will feel hungry like a dragon. And you will have a good breakfast like a king.
I hope you gain what you want. I hope I am able to pull out the crux of all beauty tips for girls type blogs. If you like then share it with your buddies. 😊

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