Blackheads removal experience
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Blackheads removal experience, which remedy is better.

Blackheads removal experience , is the biggest struggle for every man and woman. Blackheads & whiteheads are looking the worst on face. We do three remedies to get rid of. In my blog post, I will tell you my experience of removal blackheads.

Blackheads removal experience

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Egg mask:

Egg mask is the very simple home remedy for removal of blackheads. You can find all the ingredients in your kitchen.


  • Egg white
  • Honey
  • Lemon juice
  • Tissue paper

Take a bowl and brush. Mix all the three things egg white, honey and lemon juice as per you required. Apply it on your blackhead areas with brush. Keep thin tissue paper on your mask. Apply another layer of egg mask on tissue paper. And keep another thin tissue on your face. Wait until your mask has gone dry. After it get dry, remove tissues layer in opposite direction. See your results on your tissue paper.

I tried egg mask on my face. And it gives me little fine result. I saw some of my black or whiteheads on tissue paper. But egg mask doesn’t hurt me in removing it.

After some days I found my nose dry where I apply my egg mask. I don’t know why?

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Charcoal powder:

It is a simple remedy if you have all the ingredients in your kitchen.

Blackheads removal experience


  • Charcoal powder
  • Honey
  • White glue

Take a bowl and brush. Mix all the three things as per you required. Apply a thin layer on your face where you find blackheads. You don’t need a tissue paper here. As you don’t need to apply layers by layers. Just keep drying your mask. When you apply it, you find it just as black mask. After your charcoal powder mask gone dry, start removing it. Just keep calm because it hurts you when you’ll start removing it just as strips.

  • Try not to break the mask in the process of removing.
  • Pull out your mask in opposite direction of application.

Well I find a great experience with it. It is same as black mask. As upper I mentioned it hurts a lot but my all blackheads, fine hairs was removed. And because of honey my skin was gone smooth and no rashes or dryness I felt.

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Black mask:

You can find black mask on any general store, online or other centers. You need not to bother yourself in making any mask in your kitchen or finding ingredients. Just go and buy black mask which suits your skin.
Well overall I have great experience with charcoal powder. As it is simple remedies. And fortunately I found all the ingredients in my kitchen. Try something new which you find better. And give me reviews.

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