Dilip kumar unknown facts | first-generation actor of hindi cinema

Dilip Kumar the first generation actor of Hindi cinema or it would be better if I say that he is the first generation actor of the subcontinent than it will not go wrong. Dilip Kumar died on 7th July at the of 98. He left all his legacy for upcoming actors and give the bucket of classic films to follow his acting persona and skills of brilliant acting.

Dilip kumar unknown facts:

An era is ended up after the death of Dilip Kumar the Kohinoor of Hindi cinema or Bollywood. If you don’t know about the rare facts of his life then read the complete article about him.

Dilip Kumar real name:

Yousuf khan was the real name of Dilip Kumar. When he was first signed for a film in 1944 “jawar Bhatta” the producer Devika rani did not like his real name on the screen as Yousuf khan. So she decided to go with a unique name for Yousuf khan and that was Dilip Kumar. The name which led yousuf to the superstar of the subcontinent. Various Hindu and Muslim actors of Hindi cinema changed their real names for big screens like Meena Kumari, Madhubala, nimmi, Raj Kumar, and others.

Dilip Kumar a fruit trader:

A few people knew that Dilip Kumar was a fruit trader as a profession. And he came to Bombay for his business as a fruit trader from Peshawar with his elder brother. Then he met with Devika rani ( the producer ). Devika rani was impressed with his unique facial feature and looks that she cast him into her film jawar bhata.

The first love of Dilip Kumar:

Dilip Kumar fell in love with the superstar of that time Kamini Kaushal. It was considered the first love of Dilip Kumar in Bollywood. But the beautiful couple got threats from the brother of Kamini Kaushal of being killed. So they parted for the sake of peaceful Life. And the first love of Dilip Kumar can to an end.

The fashion icon:

When the movie Aan 1952 released in Pakistan, Dilip Kumar became the fashion icon of young boys of Pakistan. The college boys used to keep their hairstyle like him as it showed in the movie Aan.

Real-life Mughal e Azam:

Once Dilip Kumar fell in love with the most beautiful Lady of Bollywood Madhubala. Both loved each other from the set of the movie Tarana the sensational love story. The sensationalism grew up between two love birds. Their love story is just like real life Mughal e Azam where Salim and Anarkali loved each other but the dictated father did not allow love between two people and became the reason for partition. In the case of Madhubala and Dilip Kumar, the father of her Madhubala became the reason for the separation between them. Also, the ego factor was raised between two love birds that parted them away from each other.

The depressed Dilip Kumar:

Dilip Kumar became depressed after his breakup with his love lady. Do he did several films that led him towards depression. It is the time of the movie Devdas 1954 when Dilip Kumar realized that he was depressed. Then doctors suggest doing a light-hearted comedy role in his film. And stay away from tragedy movies for some time. Then Dilip Kumar did a movie Azaad in 1955 along with Meena Kumari.

Dilip Kumar a rescuer of tragedy Queen:

Once the tragedy queen and stunning lady Meena kumar praised Dilip Kumar for his amazing confidence. She told the story about the filming of Azaad’s 1955 lighthearted comedy movie. Where a sudden terrible incident happened that may lead to the death of two actors Dilip Kumar and Meena kumar. The scene of azaad where Dilip Kumar took Meena kumari to another corner of the cliff through hanging trolley rails. But the rails did not bear the weight of two trolleys and that caused the sudden horrible accident.

Meena kumari told that she loosed her temper and patience. She faced suffocation and daziness but Dilip Kumar rescued her and consoled her for not being so nervous at that terrific time. But they both got the second Life After the incident.

A cricket lover:

Dilip Kumar was a huge fan of cricket. and he loved to play cricket. He used to play cricket with his friends like raj Kapoor and dev Anand. Various pictures show his craziness of cricket.

A lovely relationship with lata Mangeshkar:

Dilip Kumar had a sweet relationship with lata Mangeshkar. He made her sister with a sweet bond. Once lata Mangeshkar had to perform at an event where she used to sing different songs of her. The producers of the event told Lata Mangeshkar to sing “inhi logo ne la Liya dupatta mera” because of the most demanded song of that time. Dilip Kumar warned Lata Mangeshkar not to sing this song in public events as it will have some negative impact on her image. But lata Mangeshkar needed to fulfill the demand of the public and producers so she opened the ceremony with this song. And Dilip Kumar got angry with lata Mangeshkar for not listening to his brother. Later lata Mangeshkar apologized to Dilip Kumar and restored her bond with his star brother Dilip Kumar.

Dilip kumar visited Pakistan:

Once Dilip Kumar visited Pakistan then various Pakistani top stars were sitting with Dilip Kumar and Moin Akhtar tv presenter, host and actor asked the question about his dressing style. He asked Dilip Kumar “we did not watch you wear half sleeve t-shirt in any of your films” Dilip Kumar replied hilariously “I have a lot of hair on my arms so I became self-conscious when water was flowing on my hands in the swimming pool from one side to other, so it has been so awkward”

Dilip Kumar leads the funeral of Meena kumari:

The tragedy king once leads the funeral of tragedy queen Meena kumari on 31st March 1972. He with full of grief of losing his dear friend Meena kumari who was a first-class actress of 2 decades attended the final rituals of Meena kumari. At that moment where thousands of people got crazy about her death and wanted to see her last rituals. Dilip Kumar raised his hands in front of people to control the traffic of thousands of people.

Dilip kumar children:

Saira Banu and dilip kumar spend 55 years together having no children. Dilip Kumar told in his autobiography “substance and the shadow” about having children. He wrote that Saira banu was pregnant in 1972. But due to high blood pressure in 8th months of pregnancy we lost our child. But we never regret it because it was the will of Allah.

So these are some rare facts of Dilip Kumar which a few people know. A collection of rare facts from different articles might be liked by you. Write your opinion in the comment section.

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