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Diriliş Ertuğrul showed the Pakistani people what they wanted to see

Diriliş Ertuğrul the famous international series by Turkish production was gone on aired last year in 2020. The series Diriliş Ertuğrul was shown on the Pakistani television network at the suggestion of Prime Minister Imran khan.

People of Pakistan warmly welcomed this series, and they enjoyed it a lot. The series showed the Pakistani people what they wanted to see on screen.

Its plot, dialog, actors, and scenario of drama mesmerized the audience. And the special thing is that it targeted Pakistani youth (boys) especially. Pakistani boys took the challenge of watching complete series of Diriliş Ertuğrul which has approximately 500 plus episodes. And boys did it. They watched a complete episode of it after its airing on PTV home.

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Why Diriliş Ertuğrul loved more in Pakistan:

Here are the facts of this series that worked well to grab the attention of Pakistan viewers.


First of all, it is the biography of Muslim Turk soldier Ertuğrul Suleman Shah. Who won different battles in different stages of life. And it is completely based on Islam. Where a Muslim soldier wanted to fly the flag of Islam all over the world. It is the first fact that grabs the attention of the people of Pakistan. That the series is completely based on Islamic rules and civilization.


As the series is completely owned by Islamic rules and regulations, then its ethics must be fulfilled as Islamic ethics and values. Here we can see that the Ertuğrul and his family, tribe, and friends followed the ethics of Islam. They pray for each other differently, the women of the kayi tribe wore veil and hijab to cover themselves, the Turks bow their heads after listening to the name of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W).

These ethics are completely new for Pakistani audiences because they forget their Islamic ethics and values on the screen. And the people of Pakistan appreciate it very well.


Here are different love birds shown in the series. First of all Ertuğrul and halime sultan love bond as husband and wife is so beautiful that people fall in love with them.

And the series promoted husband-wife love and affection on-screen by following the Islamic revolutionary system. Where according to Quran, unmarried boys and girls are inappropriate for each other unless they get married to each other.

There are no intimate moments, no girl slaves, no time pass relationship exists. And this factor grabs the attention of audiences.

Rebels and enemies:

Here friends and enemies widely exist in series. Where we saw Ertuğrul killed all those enemies who are against benefits Muslims and Islam. We found amazing twists and turns about hidden Rebels of the tribe and non-Muslim enemies.


A lot of drama in every relationship was unexpected. People did not hold for a second to miss any drama between women characters.

Verses of Quran:

Ibn ul Arabi characters are the favorite of every Pakistani. He promotes the verses and quotes of Islam. His dialog delivery gave goosebumps and melt our hearts deeply. That people start focusing on Quran once again.

Well, this drama gave Pakistani viewers a good time during a lockdown. And this drama got the highest viewership from Pakistan. Pakistani brands are now casting Turkish actors as their brand ambassadors. Moreover, recently Turkish and Pakistani production house join their hands to make another series which will include Pakistani and Turkish actors.

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