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Feroz Khan Vs Fellow Celebrities In Defamation Case

Feroz Khan is a famous actor of Pakistan who has a distinct identity in Pakistani showbiz due to his beauty and lifestyle. He is also called the most handsome actor. Feroz Khan has been working in the showbiz industry for a long time. He has worked in many top-class dramas. He has many dramas. Among them are Dil Kya Kary, Ishqiya, Bikhra Mera Naseeb, Chup Raho, Romeo Weds Her, who Ek Pal, Khuda Aur Mohabbat, and Khaani.

He has worked with famous Pakistani actresses. Feroz Khan gained most fame from the drama serial Khuda Aur Mohabbat, and the drama Khaani. In Khuda Aur Mohabbat, he was seen playing the role of Majzoob, who was loved by the people, while in the drama Khaani, he played the role of a stubborn and spoiled boy. But along with his fame, he also faces criticism.

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Some months ago, his ex-wife accused him of having affairs with other women. And sexually assaults me. Aliza Fatima also approached the court. Meanwhile, many Pakistani actors expressed their solidarity with Aliza Fatima. Then the court could not prove the crime.

Meanwhile, the most incendiary news has come that Feroz Khan has nominate more than ten of his co-actors, including Meera Sethi, Ayman Khan, Manal Khan, Farhan Saeed, Muqadas, Yasir Hussain Asim Azhar, and others. A legal notice of two million has been sent to all of them. In which Feroz Khan has given this statement that his reputation has been damaged. His reputation was reduced. While Alize Fatima could not present any allegations of sexual violence against Feroz Khan.

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