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Fitoor is continously grab their audience with powerful storyline جو

Fitoor drama serial is presented by 7th sky entertainment every Tuesday at 8 pm on Har Pal Geo tv.

Drama serial Fitoor is the story about 4 living characters who love madly fall in love with each other. There are two female and two male characters, they madly love each other.

The story revolves around Dilnasheen (hiba Bukhari) who married Haider (Faisal Qureshi) despite in love with Hamza (wahaj Ali). Hamza madly in love with Dilnasheen, but his parents did not want Dilnasheen as their daughter-in-law.

Fitoor hiba bukhari and wahaj ali

Fitoor shows the flashback love of Haider with mehmal (Kiran Haq). Haider was madly in love with mehmal. But mehmal preferred wealth over love. And she married a very rich person.

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Kiran haq and faisal qureshi

But mehmal was not happy with her marriage. Because her husband didn’t love her. And he didn’t give her time. That she regretted her decision of leaving Haider.

Haider is now a very rich businessman. And he is well settled. He falls in love with Dilnasheen when he saw for the first time. And send the proposal to her house. And the parents of Dilnasheen happily accepted it.

Hiba bukhari and faisal qureshi

Because of Hamza‘s parent’s rejection, Hamza commits suicide, but he is saved. Then his parents agreed to take his proposal to Dilnasheen parents. But it was too late. Dilnasheen is set to marry Haider. And there is no setback for Dilnasheen and her family.

Hamza‘s father convinces his son that Dilnasheen will only marry him. But suddenly Hamza saw Dilnasheen is marrying someone else. His heart is broken. And he becomes mad for her. Hamza is angry with their parents. And he made Dilnasheen his aim of life.

Fitoor drama

Mehmal is not happy with her life and Haider’s marriage. And he wanted Haider back in her life.

The story is quite interesting. It’s showing a love combo between two couples. People love these kinds of love stories on screens.

And the cast of this drama is fabulous. Where every character has its age. No arguments it will make on characters’ age.

There is a huge fan following of Faisal Qureshi and Hiba Bukhari. Whereas wahaj Ali is no doubt is brilliant in his acting. And he is an emerging star of Pakistani dramas. He is seen in the drama serial Dil Na umeed toh nahi which claims critical approach for acting and script.

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Later viewers will see the clashes between Haider and Dilnasheen because of mehmal and hamza. The plot continues to hook its viewers in every episode.

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