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Get yourself ready for the adventurous ride of urduflix

Urduflix is the digital platform of giving their audience a power pack entertainment. The idea of presenting webseries is inspired by Netflix. And pakistan is going to launch its own ott platform for audience. There are various reasons to watch these webseries on digital sites. As i watched the trailers of urduflix upcoming webseries on youtube. So i will going to discuss top three webseries and tgeir plot too with you.


Raaz is featuring the famous tiktoker Hareem Shah. And the story of Raaz is also revolving around Hareem shah’s life. Tge trailer of Raaz shows that how Hareem shah pursued her dreams to real life. The struggle, unusual events and adventures of Hareem shah will going to hook the audience too.

Note that Hareem is very famous influencer and tiktoker of Pakistan. And she is seen most in controversial videos and statements. That’s why it is the most awaited webseries of Hareem shah’s fans and haters.

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Dulhan aur ik raat:

Dulhan aur ik raat is featuring Alizeh Shah. The story revolves around Alizeh who is going to married but she wants to run from her marriage for the sake of her boyfriend. But situation tickles differently. And she found her boyfriend a cheater. All the adventures of the series will take place in one night.

Alizeh shah is the emerging telent of Pakistan. And despite of crying and suffering roles. This daring character suits her a lot. It is quite fun to see a gun in her hand.

Lafafa dayan:

Another webseries of urduflix is featuring mashal khan. The story revolves around mashal khan who is journalist and a daring woman. The plot actual shows the dark side of journalism and media industry of Pakistan. Where mashal will be going to see herself in unusual events and adventures.

We mostly see mashal as an improving actress but a very daring person. As it is most controversial role of lafafa dayan. Because it is the dark side of journalist and journalism.


Trio webseries is recommended from me. Go and watch first webseries “Raaz” on 26 February. You can visit urduflix and pay for it as you pay for Netflix or other OTT platforms. The charges is very low for it. I bet you, you will get worth watching time with urduflix.

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