Hair fall during bath, remedies to stop hair fall

Hair fall during bath or combing is very common. That’s why we consider it a normal routine. Hair fall during bath is no more normal. We should stop our hair fall during hair wash or taking bath.

Hair loss:

Woman mostly go to take bath and she washes her hair. Then she see that her hair fall directly from scalp. When she pull her broken hair in the meantime. That is not a normal thing. We can lose our massive hair during hair wash.

Hair break:

In combing process, it is common way of hair fall. When woman start combing to resolve their shagging. Their hair is gone broken or pull out from scalp directly.

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Why hair loss?

Hair fall

There is a huge difference between breaking hair and falling hair. Hair breaks when our hair texture is gone weak. And falling hair directly from scalp or head means that there is some deficiency in our body. A deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D causes hair fall and skin problem. Try to overcome the deficiency in your body.

Reduce hair loss:

How we reduced hair fall during bath? It is very simple. Just comb your hair before hair wash. This may help you to wash your hair easily. And you can apply shampoo easily.

Keep oiling:

Keep Oiling. Oiling reduce hair fall massively. Use coconut oil if you are not used to it. Coconut oil have a light weight texture which did not bother you. You can easily apply on your hair scalp and crease. Oil can protect against tangled hair. This process reduces hair fall.


Prevent your hair from sweating. Always keep your hair clean. Sweating is the biggest cause of hair fall. Wash your hair daily with clean water. It will reduce sweating and hair fall.

Avoid Brushing wet hair:

It is very common that woman start brushing their wet hair. It is wrong. Brushing wet hair produces spilt end. Which breaks hair massively. I hope you will find the right solution for your hair fall. If you, then share my blog with others. And give me reviews.

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