Hairstyle for long hair 2020 – top 10 hairstyle for every occasion

Whether it is long hair or short hair, it will be incomplete to look beautiful until you fix your hair. Therefore, no matter what the festival, it is very important to style your hair. Whether you are getting ready for a party or for any festival or family function. These top 10 hairstyle for long hair 2020 will come in handy in every function of yours. Even, these hairstyles can be easily made into (short or long hair). Even, these hairstyles can be easily made (in short or long hair. These hairstyles will be easily created in a short time if you practice them on a daily basis and you have all the accessories to make hair).

Hairstyle for long hair 2020:

I know i especially write this post for long hair but the girls who have short hair also try these styles that is easy to make.

  • Twisted hairstyle
  • Halfup braids
  • Side braids
  • Halfup messy bun
  • Ponytail
  • Handkerchief hairstyles
  • Fishtail braids
  • Pigtail braids
  • Mermaid braids
  • Messy bun

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Twisted hairstyle:

Twisted hairstyle is the most easy hairstyle to make on long hair and short hair as well. Just use your two finger to twist your hair rapidly. Here are twisted hairstyles. Twist your hair from both side of your head. And pin up. It will make a twisted crown hairstyle.

Hairstyle for long hair 2020

You can make ponytail with twisted hairstyle. And secure it with your hairpin. Here’s you follow it. Use your small section of hair to hide your pony rubber.

Hairstyle for long hair 2020

Halfup braids:

Halfup braids are just easy to make like twisted hairstyle. Take a three small sections of your hair and tie a knot of them to make a braid. Pin them. And pull some hair out of braids as it looks loose messy braids. You can make three to four braids to look more classy. Here these are halfup braids.

Hairstyle for long hair 2020
Hairstyle for long hair 2020

You can use different hair accessories or stylish pins.

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Side braids:

Side braid is very different and unique hairstyle for girls. It is trending now on pinterest. Girls with long and short hair are trying this hairstyle on every occasion. Because of its unique style. And you can use different hair accessories to give it bold and classy look. See these braid styles.

Hairstyle for long hair 2020
Hairstyle for long hair 2020

Halfup messy bun:

Girls or women who wants to open her hair and they are trying to open hairstyle then these halfup messy bun are very creative style to make. Just take upper half section of your hair and make it a bun. Pin up and pull some hair to make it messy and loose. And lower section of your hair should be open. It is very good if you give your lower section of your hair a wavy look. Here are these styles of halfup messy bun.


It is casual hairstyle. Girls almost make ponytails while they are going to college, university, offices even when they are in home. But ponytails are never out of fashion. Add twist, braids on your ponytails to look it stylish and try it on different occasions.

Handkerchief hairstyles:

Handkerchief are now back in fashion. If you have a beautiful handkerchief you can use it to make beautiful hairstyles like bun, braids, or many more. I just personally love these hairstyles. Look at these.

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Fishtail braids:

It is quit tricky hairstyle to make. If you don’t pick right sections of your hair then you will never succeed to make it. Long hair girls look damn beautiful in fishtail braids. Fishtail braids are all in fashion. Look at these fishtail braids.

Pigtail braids:

It can be made in long and short hair. You can make a bun with it, braids or ponytail. Pigtail braids are quit stylish. Just have a look.

Mermaid braids:

In porn dress or fishtail gown mermaid braids are very popular to make. It is quite easy if you see it. Take a different small rubber band and small section of your hair. First of all, take a two section if your hair. One is right other is left. Place both sections in front of your shoulders. Tie a small section of hair on both the right and left sides in a ponytail. Twist twelve sections into the pony. Now turn this bread upside down of your head. And make a beautiful mermaid braid.

Messy bun:

Hold all of your hair in your hand and wrap up around your head to make a messy bun. Pull out some hair near your ears, forehead and neck. Make it loose and messy.

I hope this blog “Hairstyle for long hair 2020” help you to find your best hairstyle for every occasion according to your taste. If you, then tell me in comment section. Thank you. Love ❤.

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