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Hande ercel skincare routine and Hande ercel beauty tips

Hey guys, my name is Mahreen. And I am come up with another blog on beauty. I am a blogger and for some time I saw that people were searching about Hande erçel skincare routine and her beauty tips. And my blog on beauty tips for girls is ranking on this keyword. But that blog is not about hande ercel skincare routine. It just about basic beauty tips for girls.

So I decided to write a complete blog on Hande ercel skincare routine and beauty tips. And for this purpose, I need to research complete facts and figures about hande erçel beauty secrets.

Read my complete blog about hande ercel skincare routine and beauty tips, otherwise, you will miss my points.

Hande ercel skincare routine:

First of all, keep in mind that beauty does not relate to beauty products, beauty masks, beauty treatments, and a lot of makeup. It relates to all inner and outer care of your body. If you are healthy and fit then the inner glow will glow your skin and body. So let’s start with your favorite star hande ercel skincare routine.

Do Exercise:

We mostly saw that hande ercel starts her day with an exercise routine. She posted on her stories that she is going to Jim for workouts and different exercises. And this is the first step of the hande ercel skincare routine.

You need to shape your body to look good. And also exercise helps you to reduce belly fat and lose weight easily.

Drink water:

Water is essential for the body. Our body needs water to activate to break API molecules to give your body a lot of energy. Water is also good to reduce fats in the body.

Note: cold and chilled water does not work. Always use room temperature water for drinking. It is a blessing.

Eat healthily:

We can see many celebrities post videos and photos about their food and dishes they love to eat. Mostly they add to eat salad, fruits, and veggies. I hope you might see what hande eats.

By the way, hande ercel love chocolates. And dark grate chocolate is best for create laziness which is better for sleeping. And it also reduces fat. Also, it lessens your appetite.

Cleanse your face:

For cleaning the face at the morning hande uses cleansing face wash. And then use drops of essential oils on the face to moisturize her skin.

Remove dead skin daily:

Turkish girls use Charcoal black soup daily at their baths. Charcoal black soup is a lifesaver. It not only removes dead skin but smoothens the skin also.

This black soup is easily available worldwide. And you can watch YouTube videos about its making.

Face masks:

The face mask is essential for every skin type. In old times, a Tumeric mask was widely used on the face for glowing skin. But now it’s time for a black mask and sheet mask. As you can see in the picture what type of mask Hande is wear.


During shoots and hectic schedules, hande uses rose water on her skin. Rosewater helps to remove dirt and thin smudges from her face.

You can use rose water on your face at your home. After spraying rose water, tap your skin three to four times to improve blood circulation.

Hande ercel beauty tips:

We love hande ercel face features and her makeup also. Various YouTubers made videos on her makeup tutorial. And you can follow their instructions. But some of my instructions will help you a lot. These instructions are genuine about hande ercel beauty tips.


Be with your complexion first. And choose the right foundation for your skin type. My blog will help you how to choose the right foundation for your skin type. Apply a thin layer of foundation on your face. If you have acne and some other spots on your skin then use a color corrector for it.

Banana powder:

Tap banana powder or loose powder beneath your eyes, on your chin, and below your cheek as hande did. Banana, the powder helps to decrease sweating. Also it brighten your face features.

Contouring with bronzer:

We can see in pictures that hande use to contour her face mostly. For this purpose, hande uses bronzers to contour her face. Do not use matte Contouring sticks for it. Use real bronzer shades and palates for it.

Compact powder:

Remove banana powder by using brush and apply compact powder on your face. Use the same shade of foundation and compact powder on your face.

A lot of mascara:

We can see that hande keeps her eyes simple. There are no eyeshadows and glitter in a normal routine. She uses kohl (black pencil or kajal), a lot of mascaras, and thin eyeliner. These trio items of makeup make her eyes damn beautiful.

Lip pulp:

Lip pulp helps to lift your lips or bigger your lips. After that, you can apply your favorite lip gloss or crayon to your lips. Hande does not use matte lipsticks, as these lipsticks increase itching, dryness, etc.

I hope you will find what you are searching for. Please comment on my comment section about my blog. I am waiting.

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