Is Hania amir an attention seeker?

On the first of April, the day famous for pranks and lies. Hania amir posted a story on Instagram about her engagement. She wore a beautiful ring and posted a picture of it on Instagram story holding the rose flower. The picture got viral on the internet and social media.

People start sharing the pictures. And bloggers were very curious about the guy with whom Hania is engaged. Moreover, Hania’s friends started wishing her by re-sharing the picture of her on their insta story. That made people accept the reality of this engagement news.

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Later Hania Amir confessed that it was April’s fool picture. There is no such engagement happened of her. Hania thanked her friends to be a part of this prank. This act made people started bashing over her as such a useless act.

People declared that Hania amir is just an attention seeker. She just wanted to grab the attention of people. Moreover, people did not like the act of April fool. Because this trend came to an end now in Pakistan. People understand that there is no use to bully or prank people by saying lies on a specific day.

In Islamic countries, this act is ridiculous and shameful for Muslims. And there is the denial of speaking lies. In this act of making people fool, people are not happy with her.

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