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Har pal geo TV dramas. Lack of content or production

Now a days har pal geo tv is running total six dramas to whole week. Four dramas on prime time and other two dramas on different time slot. These dramas are Muqaddar, Raaz e ulfat, Bandhay ik door sa, Meher posh, Umeed and Uraan. Only six dramas are airing throughout Monday to Friday by repeating itself. But why? Why har pal geo tv have a few dramas to airing. Why so much lack of content on the channel or other problems with production houses.

Har pal geo tv dramas:

Lets have a quick look on the dramas of har pal geo tv.


Har pal geo tv muqaddar

Muqaddar is airing on Monday at 8pm. It is produced by Abdullah kadwani and asad qureshi from 7th sky entertainment. It is the story of influential business man saif ul rehman who fall in love with RJ Raima who wanted to do everything independently. Saif ul rehman kidnapped her and forcefully marries her. Now story is revolving on home politics between two wives and on husband.

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Raaz e ulfat:

Har pal geo tv raaz e ulfat

Another subjective project of 7th sky entertainment. It is the story of a girl mushk from orthodox family and boy Irtaza from elite modern family. Who fall in love deeply. But circumstances goes against them and they separated. The subject of the drama is that a boy gives confidence to his lady love to stand against her orthodox father. But when she becomes strong then trust issues comes and boy left her in the name of trust on her wedding day.

Bandhay aik dor sa:

Har pal geo tv bandhay aik dor sa

Bandhay ik door sa is another love saga of 7th sky entertainment. Triangle love story is based on two cousins and friend. Where boy Umer accidentally married to her cousin maheen. But on the same time he loves maheen ‘s friend Roshni. The story revolves around compromise on friendship and love in trio lead.

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Har pal geo tv meherposh

The most popular jodi of lollywood ayezah khan and danish taimoor and most awaited drama of the year meherposh is produced by 7th sky entertainment. The story revolves around shah jahan and mehro where one mistake of shah jahan destroy the newly married life of mehro. And he wanted to recover her mistake.


Har pal geo tv umeed

Umeed is daily soup of har pal geo tv. The story revolves around a girl umeed whose mother got divorced and married to another man. Umeed doesn’t accept her step father and she chooses her own father over them. She went to her father’s house where she initially realized her mistake about her decision.


Har pal geo tv uraan

Uraan is another love saga of 7th sky entertainment. A girl malika who had an affair with noryaan when she was engaged to her cousin asim. She did modeling for atif and he trapped her in his fake love. And later she doesn’t wanted to marry asim. Afterwards, she married to asim and secretly had an affair with atif and noryaan.

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Lack of dramas on har pal geo tv:

Due to COVID-19 and lockdown situation from March to September, various production houses and channels are downed from financial crises and lack of work. So may be that’s the reason of lacking projects and other.

Other wise there is no more decline of actors and actresses. Because due to social media like Instagram, Facebook and especially tiktok. Production house need not to go out to find a good looking and talented actor. And now a days talented people does not need any production house or channels to show their telent. They have social apps to go viral.

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