Haseena moin is no more
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Haseena moin is no more with us, we lost our intellectual playwright

Haseena Moin the pioneer of Pakistani drama playwright, is no more with us. Today, she died in Karachi at midnight of 3am.

Her family tells that she was suffering from a urinary stone and she was much in pain for several days. The family tells that she planned to go to Lahore today’s morning to her sister’s house.

Haseena Moin was a pakistani drama writer, playwright, and scriptwriter. She wrote several dramas for PTV. Her dramas are considered all-time favorite dramas of people who watched it in the 90s and till they are watching.

Haseena Moin is the inspiration for all upcoming junior writers, who want to develop characters and plot like professionals. She received a pride of performance award for her services to Pakistan.

She wrote top-quality dramas and scripts that include Ankahi, Tanhaiyaan, Kiran Kahani, Dhoop Kinaray, Aahat, Uncle Urfi, Shehzori, Kohar, Des Pardes, Pal Do Pal, Aansoo, Kasak, Parchaiyan (1976), and Parosi.

Not only in Pakistan, but she also claimed her success across the border. Her famous tv play Dhoop kinare was aired in India which ran successfully. That Indian famous writer wrote the remake of dhoop kinare in the name of khuc tu log kahengy to pay tribute to haseena moin.

Haseena Moin wrote films and dialogues as well. Raj Kapoor wanted her to write the dialog of his film “Henna” which featured Zeba Bakhtiar. The film got successful at the box office.

Last, she wrote a film such released in 2019. And her last drama “Muhabbat ho Gai Tumse” was aired on TV in 2016.

Haseena Moin was much active in the welfare and education of women. She was the part famous political party “Pakistan Tehreek e insaf”. She supported the party in the election of 2013.

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