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How to put hijab with style – 5 easy hijab fashion ideas.

Hijab definition:

The hijab is the veil or a piece of cloth that is used to wear by women to cover their heads and chests in a certain manner.

Why do Muslim women wear hijabs:

Muslim women wear hijabs because this piece of cloth makes them different from other women of other religions and cultures.

It is the traditional attire of Muslim women to wear in hiding her face, chest, and head from men who are considering Na mehram in Muslim culture.

Muslim women’s hijab is mandatory to wear it of any cost as per Allah‘s order in Quran.

Hijab fashion:

Hijab fashion is now so common in women around the world. Even non-muslim women are adopting this fashion to cover their heads in a certain casual manner. They consider that hijab will protect their hair from dust particles and ultraviolet rays in the daytime.

Here we suggest the top trends in hijab fashion around the world.

Traditional wrapping of hijab:

Here you just need a jersey hijab to wrap up your head in a very simple traditional manner. Just look out your face cut and start wrapping it around your chest and head.

The turban-style hijab:

Turban-style hijab is very common in the West. Where women use to wrap a piece of hijab around their head to cover their hair. They embellish this style with beautiful pins and other accessories.

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A Turkish style hijab:

Turkish style hijab is very famous and comfy for girls where no hair has the chance to be out of hijab and all the way securely tied around the neck.

Hijab with scarf:

The scarf is the most common piece of cloth which is used to wear around the neck or on the head. It is brought up in triangular or a square shape. Girls use this as hijab easily by wrapping it around their heads.

Niqab or veil style hijab:

Mostly common in Islamic countries like Saudia Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. Where most probably women are not allowed to go out without a veil. So women these hijabs like this and embellish themselves beautifully in going outside the house.

Hijab or burka:

Hijab or Burqa is the tradition of Muslim women. Burka is the abaya-style gown-shaped cloth that is used to wear while going out. Burka, abaya, or Muslim gown is very inn in the style of hijab these days. It suits the hijab more and makes them look more different and classy than ever.

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