Homemade facial treatment for sensitive skin
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Homemade facial treatment for sensitive skin

Homemade facial treatment for sensitive skin

Homemade facial treatment for sensitive skin, Are you tired of facial treatments for hd glow skin or beautiful clear face? Then don’t worry. I bring an exciting blog on homemade facial treatments for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin needs so much protection for expensive treatment. Their skin might burn or they might pop up with acne or pimples. The girls and women who have sensitive skin try to avoid such an expensive or cheap quality treatment like facial masks, bleached, skin polish or etc.

Homemade facial treatment for sensitive skin:

Try these remedies for sensitive skin. These remedies will definitely give you 110% results. I give you guaranteed. And it is free of cost.

Lets start.

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You don’t need to buy any cleanser for your face. You have cleanser in your kitchen. Use it.

Salt water

Mix half table spoon of salt into warm luke water. Use cotton pad to clean your face. Dip cotton pad into salt water and start cleaning your face. Salt water will clean dust, oil and dirt from your face.

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Fresh goat milk:

Use any of fresh milk you have in your kitchen. I mention about goat milk. Because goat milk has high intensity in cleaning of your face deeply. Soap makers mostly use goat milk to make beauty soap. That’s why i mention this. If you have goat milk then use it to clean your face. Just have a small cup of goat milk. And clean your face with cotton pad.

Massage your face:

Try to massage your face slowly and gently for deep nourishing your sensitive skin.

Massage your face with glycerine:

You have glycerin in your kitchen. Use it as a massager of your face. Glycerine has the cooling properties for face. It will reduce burning effects of long-time facial treatments and heal your deep pores as well.

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Massage your face with Alovera:

Alovera is consider the best plant for every treatment. Alovera has its own cooling effects, healing properties and smoothen effects for skin.

Pluck one alovera from your garden. And cut it into small pieces. Massage it all over your face. You will find the best effects on your face.

Massage your face with oil:

You may have castor oil or coconut oil in your kitchen. If you have dry skin too. Then it is better to reduce dryness of your face. Use some drop of these oil to your face and massage it.

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Scrubbing face is very importantfor more cleaning. It is the method of removing dry skin and smoothen the skin.

Scrub with sugar:

Wet your fingers and take a little sugar. Scrub it all over your face. This will help you to remove dead skin and black heads as well.

Scrub with gram flour:

Gram flour is very essential for face beauty. You can simple wash your face from it and you can scrub it on your face. Hust wet your hands and start scrubbing.

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Face mask:

Gram flour mask:

Now take a gram flour and fresh milk. Mix it into paste and apply it all over your face with brush. This mask will smoothen your skin.

Egg mask:

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Take an egg white into cup. And apply it all over your face. The girls and women who have dry faces don’t try this. This remedy will work only for who have oily and aging face. Egg mask help to remore dead skin, tighten the skin and remove black and white heads also.

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I hope these remedies will definitely help you to get the 110% results on your sensitive face. And you will no longer go for expensive treatments.

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