How hair fall can be stopped at young age

From many years the question arises in teens that how hair fall can be stopped. Because young girls are facing problems of hair fall. But the question still there why?. There may be many factors of falling hair in teens. Like hormonal imbalance, pollution, lifestyle, depression, stress, unhygienic food etc. Get rid of these problems to get healthy and strong hair.

How hair fall can be stopped:

First of all young girls should get rid of unhygienic food, depression, stress and polluted lifestyle. Adopt healthy lifestyle to get healthy hair.

Hygienic food:

Hygienic food includes green vegetables, sea food, fibers and vitamins etc. Young girl should east green vegetables, beans, fish meal and food which contains a lot of fiber. Good health means better hair at young age.

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Oiling and combing:

Oil is the food for hair growth. As we comb our hair and wash our hair daily these are necessary fir hair growth but Oiling hair is most important part of hair growth as well. Hold a bit of oil in your palm and apply it on your scalp. Wash this oil after 24 hours to get better results.

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Don’t use excessive oil or dont keep oil in your hair more than 24 hours as your scalp will not held oxygen anymore and you will face hair fall.

Balance your Harmon:

Girls more than 10 to 12 years old face hormonal changes in their body. This may cause hair loss problems. Girls should balance their diet. They should keep green vegetables, fishes, and fruits in their meal. Healthy diet will help you to maintain your hormones as well.

Healthy lifestyle:

Healthy lifestyle where you avoid unhygienic food, breath in fresh air, drink pure water and eat fresh vegetables counted as healthy lifestyle. Sometimes our air is so much polluted that roughen and colorless our hair. And if we don’t have pure water to drink or wash our hair, our hair will not survive as healthy.

Clean water:

If we do not have clean water to drink and wash, it can be a major cause of hair loss. Pollution makes hair very dirty and we need clean water to wash dirty hair. If we don’t have clean water, hair will not be clean and dirty hair will fall out.

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Trimming your hair:

If you are facing hair fall problems than you must trim your hair once in week. Or you must have to go to barbershop for good hair cut. Hair cut or trimming process encourage hair growth 2x faster.

Avoid tied ponytails:

Young girls prefer tied ponytails and braids when they go to school and college. It main cause of hair loss in young girls which prevents air and oxygen from reaching the hair roots. And the roots become very weak. Weak roots causes hairfall in teens.

Avoid excessive blow-dry:

These days young girls are using blowdry machines, straightener, curlers etc. Which cause highly damaging in your hair. Avoid to give extra heat to hair as it will rough and you will face split end problems.

Stress free life:

It is not necessary that stress is made for elders but also for young girls and boys. Hair fall in young girls is also because of stress full life. The stress of education, homeworks, grades and also when girls faces early stages of periodicals changes in their life after 10 to 12 years old. Support your girl of not to being stressed and enjoy their beautiful phase of life.

So these are the main reasons where young girls face hairfall problems. And i give the right solution of how hair fall can be stopped at young age. If you are facing hair fall problems tell me in my comments section.

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