How often to drink green tea for weight loss

Green tea is best for healthy life

If you are a crazy of drinking tea then this blog is very helpful for those people who are upset about their weight and they are trying to figure out their weight gaining problems. Most of people are hillirious crazy about tea. Different type of tea are cover by them as they are tea lovers. When research came that with green tea you can lose your weight easily. The demand and sale of green tea increased. And people start to use it daily more than 3 to 4 times. But who are consider it is better for weight loss, they are right. But question arises that how often to drink green tea for weight loss? I will answer but lets read a little history of tea.

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History of green tea:

It is first discovered by Chinese emperor Shennong in 2737 B.C. when he wanted to add up taste in water. And he added leaves of green tea in water to boil. He found incredible taste in it.

Firstly the green tea is only available in royal families abd elite families. Because it was very expensive and out of reach of common people. But when they found that green tea is boosting immunity and increasing energy level in human body then the king order that soldiers and army staff should drink it. As it will boost energy level in body.

Then after army, it reached to common people in reasonable prices. And now it is available in different tea and coffee shops and stores.

Green tea benifits for weight loss:

This blog is special for weight loss so i mention benifits related to weight loss. Here are many benifits of green tea. Explore below.

Burning fat:

According to experts, Weight gaining problems are different in many people but green tea is very good for all type of people who are facing problems of weight loss. Its boost metabolic action to burn fat around body. The caffeine used in green tea boost energy level.

Heart problems:

Green tea is very good for heart patients. Because it burns fat, decrease cholesterol level and improve digestive system of body. Heart patients should take it after every meal. It is better than any medication.

Digestive system and green tea

Green tea helps digestive system to digest food easily. Green leaves which is used to make tea improves digestive system to digest food. If digestive system is not worked properly, then it will cause serious health issues and problems. Which may lead to death. Every human should use green tea for 2 to 3 times a day.

Cholesterol level and green tea:

Green tea decreases cholesterol level in body. Which helps heart patients to cope up with heart attacks and heart related diseases.

Diabetes and green tea:

Green tea controls sugar level in body. Which reduces diabetes risk and other related problems from body. Diabetes is silent killer for human. And it continuesly weaken the different parts of body like muscles, digestive system, blood circulation etc. Diabetes patients should drink it twice a day.

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How often green tea should be used:

As per research and literature reviews maximum three to four times daily use of green tea is very benificial for immunity, energy boosting, weight loss and many more.

How to make green tea:

You can use raw leaves or tea bag to make green tea.

  • First boil water.
  • If you are using raw leaves than wash it in strainer of steel or you have other equipment to use.
  • Than put this strainer on cup of tea.
  • Pour
  • Pour hot water over those leaves you suddenly washed it off.
  • All the taste and color you will get on cup.
  • Your green tea is ready.
  • If you are using tea bag of green tea than it is very easy and quick to make.
  • You can use honey or lemon to improve its taste. Because at first you will find its taste a bit sour.
  • I hope you will find your point in how often to drink green tea for weight loss.

Enjoy your green tea and get yourself healthy

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