How to get rid of dark lips – homemade remedy that works

Its my personal experience when I come to realize that I have dark lips. Because my face tone is not dark. But i had dark lips. And Every time I applied my favorite lipstick, the color of my lips would change. Infact the color of lipstick is gone a dark instead of its natural color. Like nude colors looks horrible on dark lips. So here i thought that i should share my own experience of dark lips. And how I get rid of it.

How to get rid of dark lips:

Use these homemade remedy that I tried and i now get rid of my dark lips. There are two remedies that actually works. And these items are easily available in your kitchen.

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Coconut oil and honey:

Coconut oil and honey is easily available in every kitchen. Take a few drops of coconut oil and honey. Mix it well and apply it and leave it overnight. After applying it, rub it in your lips for two minutes as the mixture will absorb in your lips. After a week you will see the difference before and after.

Lemon and sugar scrub:

Most cheap and most effected remedy which i tried personally. I take 1 half of lemon juice and half table spoon of sugar. Make a scrub of it and keep scrubbing on your lips for 5 minutes. If you want to do it twice daily you will see the difference in 2 days. Lemon juice reduces darkness and sugar will reduce dead skin on your lips.

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Reasons of having dark lips:

There are various reasons that we have dark lips. Like sun exposure, smoking or chewing tobacco, licking lips, too much use of hot coffee, deficiency of vitamins and iron, taking drugs, hormonal imbalance and use of fake or expired cosmetics and because of toothpaste as well.

Sun exposure:

Sometimes sun exposure doesn’t suit on skin thats why skin getting dark day by day. And by using sun screen creams we prevent our skin from sun exposure. But for lips there are various lip balms who defend your lips of getting dark from sun exposure.

Smoking and chewing tobacco:

These types of drugs are the main causes of dark lips. Its smoke and drug quantity darken your lips badly. First of all avoid these drugs of having cherry blossom lips.

Deficiency of vitamins and iron:

Deficiency of vitamins and iron are also the cause of dark lips. Vitamins and minerals are easily available in vegetables, fishes, fruits and also their tablets are available from chemists. But use natural minerals in your body or generate it but not use tablets of it without any prescription.

Hormonal imbalance:

Hormonal imbalance is the reason of having dark lips. When hormonal changes appeared in body you will see major changes in your body. Your skin tone becomes dark, unnecessary hair growth, blotting or other facial problems. You have to consult with good doctor for your hormonal treatment.

Fake cosmetics and toothpaste:

Fake cosmetics are the problem of these days where various copies of branded makeups are easily available in market in cheap price. And girls are buying fake cosmetic products which causes major skin related problems. Fake lipsticks are highly not recommended for your lips. Try to use gloss or lip balms on your lips instead of matte shiny lipsticks.

When we apply toothpaste on our teeth or when we brushing toothpaste is easily cover our lips also. Toothpaste is the reason of getting lips dark. Its texture is not made for lips. Try to brushing teeth carefully as it will not apply on your lips.

I hope you will love my experience and have some knowledge about dark lips. Share my experience and subscribe to my blog.

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