How to grow eyelashes with coconut oil

How to grow eyelashes with coconut oil is the most searched question on Google because it is very cheap item that we used in daily routine. Eyelashes is the beautiful part of our eyes. It enhances the beauty of eyes, When it comes to long lashes. But a few girls, men and women have it. Maybe they genetically have long lashes. But now everyone wants long eyelashes. So people are using extensions, fake eyelashes or different things. But naturally a very few people have it.

Now a days, girls want natural beautiful long eyelashes. Which can grow faster at home. And no more money on extension and fake eyelashes they want to invest.

How to grow eyelashes with coconut oil:

It is possible to grow eyelashes at home. Just you need a few kitchen items. Here’s are.

  • Coconut oil
  • Castor oil
  • Alovera juice

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Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is the most common item of every kitchen. It is very good oil for hair growth. As well as it maintains your healthy diet.

  • Take a waste bottle of mascara.
  • Wash the bottle and its mascara brush.
  • Put a little bit of coconut oil into bottle.
  • Apply it every night before sleep.

Just apply it on your lashes not in the inner lid. Excessive oil might disturb your eyesight.

Coconut oil has many more benefits. Like women who are using makeup every day. They should use coconut oil to remove their makeup. As it is the best cleaners for our face. And better than expensive cleaners. The cleanser products ‘s excessive use might damage our skin and we found roughness and dryness on our face.

Try to use coconut oil as cleanser. Take a cotton pad. And put a few drops of coconut oil into it. And gently remove all of your makeup. It is very good to remove mascara and other particles from eyelashes. And make our skin smooth.

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Castor oil:

Castor oil is the most used item because it is very benefited for healthy diet. Moreover its 1 spoon of oil in milk can smooth your digestive system. It is very good oil for hair growth as well.

  • Take a waste bottle of mascara as you used in coconut oil.
  • Put a little bit of castor oil into bottle.
  • Apply it every night before sleep.

Castor oil is very essential for hair growth that’s why it is more recommended than coconut oil for growing eyelashes at home.

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Alovera juice:

Alovera another remedy to grow hair and eyelashes as well. This remedy works faster than castor oil and coconut oil remedies.

  • Take a clean bottle of mascara.
  • Pour alovera juice into it. And also some drops of castor oil in it.
  • Shake it and apply this mixture daily at night before sleep.

Disadvantages of fake eyelashes and extensions:

Don’t use fake eyelashes or extensions because there are many risk at it. Like you will get swelling in your eyes. You might loss your natural eyelashes temporary or permanently. And moreover you will face allergy on your eyelids. That might cause infection or some diseases.So kindly don’t use any treatment for your eyelashes to grow faster and long. Try to use home remedies which are compatible and comfortable. And they have not any side affects.

Trio remedies are perfect and suitable to grow eyelashes fast at home. They are cheap and high recommended.Start growing your eyelashes faster at home. This will work better than any expensive treatments. And you will get they result as you will.

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