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How to use expired makeup as a new one

Food, medicines, products are not preferred to use when they’re gone expired. But not makeup products. Yeah, its good that we can reuse expired makeup products of no cost. We can recycle these products easily. Like our expired lipsticks, nail polish, foundation and eye shadows.

I should share my experience with you. How i reuse my expired makeup products easily at home of no cost.

Expired makeup to new one

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Expired lipsticks:

If you have expired or dry lipsticks then here’s no to worry about it. Make it your lipbalm.


Pick your favorite dried lipstick. Cut into pieces. And put it into spoon. And heat it. When it melted, pour it into a lipstick pen. And you can reuse it.


Now not just warming your expired lipstick will not work. Because it is gone expired. You just need vasaline or coconut oil and glycerin. Cut your expired lipstick and put it into your spoon. Now its time for vasaline or coconut oil. If you have vasaline than take a very small quantity of it according to lipstick. Or if you want to put coconut oil then take only 2 drops of it. Pour it into spoon with your expired lipstick. And give it heat. After you can fill your lipstick pen with the new one. If you want to add some shimmer or glittering color to your new lipstick, then add some eyeshadow color to it.

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Expired mascara:

If you find your mascara is gone dry, then you can have its brush. Wash it. And use it as your Eyebrow brush. If you see eyebrow brush or a mascara brush, you will find both similar to each other.

Expired nailpolish:

You have expired or dry nail polish. Then there is two way to reuse it.

  • For dry nailpolish, you have body spray in your bag. Take it out and spray it to your nailpolish. Your nailpolish will be as new one. It will be no more dry. Because sprays have some alcohol properties.
  • For expired nailpolish and you want new one. If you have transperent nailpolish then you can add Eye-shades to make a new one. Just add your favorite color to it and shake or mix it. Use as a new nailpolish.

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Dry foundation:

If you have expired foundation. Then i must say throw it into bin. Don’t use it. Because it is the matter of your skin. Don’t harm your skin with expired foundation.

There is only one try to make your dry foundation to a BB cream.

Just put your foundation into spoon. Add some compact powder into it. 2 drops of glycerin in it. And mix it well. After, put the mixture of BB cream where you want to put. You can use your old pallette.

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Expired eyeshadow:

Don’t throw your expired eyeshadow pallette. Because you can use it as your nailpolish. As i said mix your favorite eyeshadow color to your transparent nailpolish.

Expired makeup products

And i used this all 5 methods of recycling my old and expired makeup products. It was hilarious and fun to make my new products of makeup. It is highly recommended from lets hang here. Try it yourself.

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