How to use Makeup products
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How to use makeup products, easy tutorial for beginners.

How to use makeup products, Well I am not a professional makeup artist. No more makeup artist i am. I am just doing makeup on special events or occasions. Because i love to do makeup myself. If i know ABC of makeup or not, i do my makeup myself. Makeup products for beginners is very hard to find. I love to style myself. I will tell you how to use makeup products step-by-step as beginner.

How to use makeup products:

When i started to apply makeup i was very confident about it that i am a pro. But i ended up worst as my expectation. But its all ok beginners because its just start to use right makeup products. I watched videos, read articles on right makeup products. And learnt how to apply makeup products as a beginner. Now I know about the bout different types of makeup products for every skin type. And commanly used makeup in Pakistan. Lets start tutorial of makeup products for beginners.

How to use makeup products


It is very important product to apply before you start your makeup, if you have a dry skin. In dry skin your foundation will not be set without moisturizer. Without moisturizer, your skin will be seen as a cracky road.

If you have a oily skin, then you don’t need to apply moisturizer. If you apply it then you will find your skin more oily as you think.

Moisturizer moist your dry skin and keep your skin smooth and even.

I don’t suggest any moisturizer. If you use moisturizer continue as your choice.

The girls with oily skin should apply moisturizing cream on her face, daily at night in winters. And the girls with dry skin should apply moisturizing cream daily at night and before makeup.

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Primer is the product than is very important for uneven skin. The skin with large pores needs primer very much.

Primer fills up large open pores and smoothen uneven skin.

You can apply primer after moisturizer. Oily skin type can skip the moisturizer and use primer instead. But dry skin type should follow both step.

I will not suggest primer specific brand or company. Use it as per your choice.

BB or foundation:

Companies started their BB cream which worked as foundation. But BB has very low capacity to work as foundation but it gives fine looks on those which have beautiful skin or need not no more make products.

Try foundation as per your skin type. I use huda ‘s foundation as it is no more heavy texture because my skin does not need heavy texture products. Fenty beauty’ s foundation gives best look to woman of above twenty five as their skin is gone mature and needs a lot of makeup to cover.

After foundation, if you have dark circles that is not covered with foundation. You should use Concealer after foundation. Arround your eye bag’s, apply Concealer as you want. Nars Concealer is very good choice as it has heavy texture that gives a good finishing look.

Don’t use local Concealer as it left cracks or circles around your eyes after some hours. Always use good products for your skin type.

Compact or transulent powder :

Pick up your heavy brush and apply compact or transulent powder on your face, to set up your base. Apply transulent powder to your blotting area on your face. It helps you to protect your skin for more blotting.


Now is all good. Pick your skin tone shade first. Apply it on your crease. Then pick your shade you want to apply. Note that always use matte colors on eyes as it gives natural looks.

Use white eyeshadow on your inner lid of your eyes. If you want to apply more colors to your lid. White eyeshadow helps other shades to manage their real colors on eyes. Dark complexion skin needs much white eyeshadow to inhance the color of different shades on their eyes.

Eyebrow pencil:

Pick your Eyebrow pencil and apply it to your Eyebrows. Either you can use pencil or matte color. Now a days pick your matte eyebrow color shade and apply it with eyebrow brush.

Eyeliner or black pencil:

Eyeliner is essential to make your eyes. It gives strength to your eyes. I think makeup look is not completed without eyeliner. Eyeliner gives shape to your eyes.

You can use black pencil instead of eyeliner. If you are pro at drawing shape arround your eye lids then that’s fine.

Variety of eyeliners are now introduced. Like gell pen liner, waterproof eyeliner, matte colors and pen eyeliner in differest colors.


Its all upto you what shade, brand and texture you want to apply. Lipstick is the product that you can apply with makeup or without makeup. Apply matte colors or gloss to your face.

Dark complexion should use light color lipsticks and fare complexion should use dark color to give finishing look.

Always use good brands as it does not harm your lips. Huda matte nude shades are perfect for natural looks.

Makeup spray:

Always use makeup spray to set up your final look. Makeup spray prevents the makeup of spreading and smoothen the skin.

Avoid sprays of local brands that conclude water or air only. Protect your hair and eyes from makeup spray as it harms your eyes and hairs.

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