Meesha shafi jailed
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Indian news websites are spreading false news about meesha Shafi jailed

Meesha shafi the well known pakistani actress and singer is in news nationally and internationally from yesterday. Because Indian news websites are spreading false news about meesha shafi jailed.

Daily mail, pinkvilla and times of India are spreading false news against meesha shafi. They claim that meesha shafi can imprisoned for 3 years by false blaming Ali zafar for se*ual harassment.

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Ali zafar the well known pakistani singer and actor was blamed by meesha shafi for physically harassment. She charged on him on court legally. Both are trying to prove innocent themselves on court.

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Pakistani court is not finalize the case till. And did not issue statement about final decision. Because the case is still pending. And both clients are defending themselves.

Meesha shafi on her jailed news, posted an Instagram post by saying that “another day”

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