How to gain Instagram followers free of cost

Instagram followers are the most important part of our life now. Every single person who want to earn money online by free of cost or by not investing money should use social media platforms. Every platform of social media is providing good money by increasing your followers.

But why you want to gain Instagram followers for free. Are you influencer or blogger? Or you are running a brand on Instagram. So you just to keep these point in your mind if you want to gain Instagram followers free of cost.

Gain Instagram followers free:

Instagram followers should be organic. Fake followers are not acceptable by people who use Instagram. Fake numbers of Instagram followers can destroy your image. By following these points you can gain easily Instagram followers for free.

Create a chart of Instagram post:

First of all to gain your organic Instagram followers, you need to create one month chart about your Instagram post. It is up to you. You can make beautiful Instagram post by using different apps and softwares.

Schedule your Instagram post:

Tailwind is the best platform to schedule your Instagram post. If you want to schedule your post in specific date and time just use tailwind. Tailwind also responsible to gain organic Instagram followers for free.

Select your targeted audience:

What is your topic/niche/category? Are you makeup artist? Writer? Or are you model? May be you wanna run a brand or shop on your Instagram account to sell your products. Your audience should be specific. Multiple audience can affect your Instagram followers.

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Create beautiful Instagram stories:

Instagram stories gives you margin to get more followers from it. It gives you options of using hashtags, stickers, trending gifs, tagging your friends and more. Mostly people watch Instagram stories rather than Instagram post.

Use of hashtags:

Hashtags play crucial part in increasing Instagram followers rapidly. People explore hashtags to see their favorite content on Instagram. Use hashtags properly to get Instagram followers for free. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post to use. If you are blogger than various hashtags are waiting for your post to publish. Like:

  • #Blog
  • #blogs
  • #blogger
  • #bloggers
  • #LifestyleBlogger
  • #bloggerlifestyle
  • #bloggersofinstagram
  • #bloggersgetsocial
  • #bloggerandbizbabes
  • #bossgirlbloggers
  • #collegeblogger
  • #bloggerlife

Write a meaningful Instagram bio:

Describe yourself in the best way on your Instagram account. That people can easily understand you. Not only people know about yourself but Instagram should understand about yourself that it will rank you according to its algorithm.

Use of keywords in description:

Try to use keywords of your niche in your Instagram post description. If you are posting about food then use keywords and synonyms related to food. Also use hashtags related to food.

Text on image:

If you are posting images then add text on your image. According to Instagram algorithm, Instagram detects text on images. And it will go to rank on hashtag pages.

Follow your favorite brands and bloggers:

According to Instagram algorithm, I practice that if I follow 100 of people on Instagram, then Instagram gives me 50 to 70 percent followers in gaining. Try to follow more people to get more followers on Instagram.


You can tag different accounts on your post. As more people like mutual followers can see your post. May be they will follow you or like your post.

Try these key points to gain Instagram followers free of cost. I am sure that you will get followers organically.

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