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“It is too much to sign foreign actors in Pakistani brands”, says nadia khan

Nadia khan the well-known and talented Pakistani actress, YouTuber, vlogger, and pioneer of the morning show pass a statement over brand ambassador of Peshawar zalmi. While doing her morning show on the morning at home on PTV home, when her guest Faisal Shehzad was talking about showbiz happenings and celebrity gossip. He told Nadia and viewers that esra bilgiç is the brand ambassador of Peshawar zalmi along with Mahira khan. And the teasers of them are out.

On this news, nadia khan says:

It is now too much that Pakistani brands are casting foreign artists for their national events. I know that she has been much popular among us. But PSL is our event. It is not others event. So why every brand used to sign them. There is no need for foreign artists for our PSL event because we have very talented artists. And I am happy that they sign Mahira for their brand but there is no need for esra bilgiç.

Nadia khan

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In the past when Q mobile, Khaadi, and jazz mobile used to sign Esra bilgiç as their brand ambassador, our talented actor Yasir Hussain raised the same point about casting foreign artists despite having talented actors in Pakistan. People bashed over him about such a statement. But now Nadia khan is in the favor of Pakistani actors.

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Note that Peshawar zalmi signed Esra bilgiç as their brand ambassador a few months ago. And now teasers of Peshawar zalmi song is out. And we can see Mahira khan also in the promos. And PSL 6 is going to premiere on the 20th of February in turkey. Where our star singers like Imran khan, Atif Aslam, and naseebo laal will be going to perform on stage.

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