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Kashf last episode review, An extraordinary story of kashf

Here’s the review of kashf last episode on hum tv. Today kashf ‘s journey came to an end. An extraordinary story of kashf leaves different messages to audience. A sad Rollercoaster of kashf came to an end after the death of kashf. A new life begins where everyone get what they did in past. And audience highly praised it. Before I give my review on ut. Let’s have a look on its plot.

Kashf storyline:

Kashf is a beautiful girl belongs to middle class family. She had dreams that came true. Those dreams were connected to any family member. Kashf used to tell her dream to her family whether it was good or bad. His father turned this discovery into a business. The father turned Kashf into a Perni. And started making money from it. Wajdan who desperately wanted to marry her. And also she wanted to get married. But Kashf’s family refused to marry Kashf that the business would close.

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Then table turned and both kashf and wajdan got married to each other. But kashf family were ready to destroy this relationship and they got succeed. And wajdan divorced Kashf. Kashf stopped dreaming and wajdan mental state deteriorated. Kashf was forced to sit on the threshold so that business could resume. But business came to a standstill. And the last dream that Kashf saw was her own death. Which finally came true. And she got to go to his real creator.

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Kashf last episode review:

First of all I must say that it is a unique storyline. Which is totally different from other stories of pakistani dramas. The story based on a innocent girl and her dreams. But despite of its all uniqueness, it has full love, hate, home politics and revenge side. Which is the spice of pakistani dramas. That we see in all other dramas on other channels where we see love birds, cruel father, hated sister, arrogant mother in law etc.

But drams shows different realities of society.

A lazy father:

Kashf father was a lazy man. He didn’t want to earn a penny by himself. His mind was tricked when he thought that Kashf ‘s dreams will become a successful business in the name of perni. He represented the character of those fathers or men of society who use their children for the sake of money. And they didn’t hesitate in destroying their lives.

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Typical prince charming wajdan:

Wajdan played beautiful role of prince charming of kashf. But a typical prince charming. Who didn’t understand the feelings of her love lady. On her one step, he divorced her by saying his mother. He didn’t trust her. But there’s no doubt in his immense love for kashf. After divorcing her, he became mentally ill. And ended up a crazy mental patient.

A selfish family:

Kashf deal with a selfish family. When mother, grandmother and other family members were used of money. They became all selfish and want kashf to be in their house as a money bank for them.

Spreading of fake peer and peernis:

In pakistani society people are believing in peer and peernis. So there are so much peer and peernis that are looting people from toe to head. They made it establish business of it. And kashf plot was pointing to that issue. That is great.

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A cruel sister:

Kashf had a cruel sister till end. Her sister wants to marry wajdan. She wanted to snatch him from kashf but she terribly failed. She ended up as the alone wife of wajdan in the last episode of kashf. I don’t know why pakistani dramas portraying a sister so much cruel and arrogant towards other sister.

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Sad ending:

Yes it is sad ending of kashf. Where all the characters get what they did in past. Fully satisfied and deserving end of kashf. Where she died. And the family business and relationship was ended. No matter who is united or who is separating in the last episode. But there must be what is right. And Kashf’s death was the best end to Kashf. Where she found the peace that was not possible for her in this world.

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