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Kashmir beats season 1, top 5 songs that sounds so filmy

Kashmir beats season 1 is digital platform that was created on YouTube for singing. On this show celebrities sang beautiful songs which people loved a lot. Celebrities including kinza hashmi, zara noor abbas, imran abbas, Adnan siddiqui, hira mani, omer shezad, zhaly sarhadi, zubab rana and many other stars stand in front of mic.

Shany haidar is the producer, music composer of Kashmir beats season 1 and the show directed by haris qadeer.

And here i am talking about top five songs of Kashmir beats season 1. And these songs are the recommendation from me. These all 5 songs are melodious and you can play on your wedding events also.

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Top 5 songs of Kashmir beats season 1:

5. Teri photo by zubab rana:

Teri photo is super cute song where zubab rana sang it with along shany Haider. Zubab rana had sweet voice and she sang it beautifully. It is song where two person confess their love to each other. And describe today’s love by keeping the photo of his/her beloved in phone or in heart.

The song is super recommended from me. You can play it in your wedding events like engagement or mehndi.

4. Banjaaray by zhaly sarhadi:


Banjaaray is sung by zhaly sarhadi. It is beautiful song as zhaly sang it perfectly. It seems like a filmy song where one lover wanted to part his ways but other one want to be him always. Zhaly had a sweet voice which justified the song. It also playable in wedding functions.

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3. Peer bulavay by anooshy abbasi and omer shezad:

Peer bulavay is sung by omer shezad and anooshy abbasi. Again the song is full on punjabi with high peats and sufi touch. Both anooshy and omer rocked the stage. The pair is loved by people. And the song crossed million views on youtube.

2. Marjavan by zara noor abbas:

It is a beautiful romantic song Marjavan. Zara looked stunning in this song. And her voice is so enchanting. You can play this song while you are driving and you have a beautiful partner with you. I challenge that this song and zara’ s voice will mesmerize you.

1. Sawari by hira mani:

This is the super entertaining song of the year. When i first listen its music, its lyrics i was fascinating by old song like cococorina and other old lollywood and bollywood songs. Sawari had the touch of vintage music. The bubbly and charming hira mani sang it in her own style. We previously listened hira ‘s beautiful voice. She had a beautiful voice.

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The song is ideal for mehndi functions and you can build up amazing dance steps for it.

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