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Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 episode 1 review: farhad and mahi cultural backgrounds

After the long wait, now khuda aur muhabbat season 3 episode 1 was going on aired on Har Pal Geo tv. The shooting of drama was already completed in 2020. But the trailers and episode on aired in 2021. Fans welcomed khuda aur muhabbat season 3 1st episode with full of love and appreciation. Now the wait is finally over. And here is the review of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 episode 1.

The mega start:

I was on set to watch the first episode of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3. Because it is most awaited drama of 2021. As there is the huge fan following of Khuda aur muhabbat series. Because people are now fed up to watch home politics on screens. They want change. That’s why they switch to different content for their quality time. Saas bahu dramas no doubt get huge following and get million views but not at all encouraged by people.

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Coming to the point the drama start from a grand opening of someone tomb (mazaar) where noor ul hassan set as faqeer (begger). He delivers dialogue about about immortal love.

Then screen shift to railway station of bahawal pur where mahi (iqra aziz played central character) and her sister in law (sunita Marshall) wearing abaya going to lahore with her maid to attend friend’s wedding.

We watch junaid khan played a feudal law who drops his brother to station. His brother is going to lahore for his business meeting. Where in lahore railway station he encounters with mahi. He fells in love with her.

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After we see feroz khan (farhad) who is careless boy. Who had no interest in studies. Farhad had two siblings. And his father is government employee. His father wanted his both son’s to get government job.

Cultural backgrounds:

In the 1st episode we see that there is two different backgrounds of central characters. Mahi belongs to orthodox feudal law family who is rich and traditional. Whereas farhad belongs to the simple middle class family of lahore.

We also see the believe of feudal people on mazaar, tomb of peer and dua etc. It is cultural perspective of subcontinent. Which is good.

Recommended or not:

Of course I recommend this drama. Because I thoroughly enjoyed first episode. There is no dragging sequence in the drama. Story grips every moment. If you still did not watch the first episode then go and watch on youtube.

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