Khuda aur muhabbat season 3
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Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 is not proven the classic love story as its first season

Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 did not meet the requirements and expectation of the viewers. The fans of Khuda aur muhabbat seasons are not happy this time. People‘s expectations were very high and they were expecting more drama, more suspense, more intensity. But the ost of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 disclosed a complete story to its viewers. That’s why the biggest drama of Pakistani history failed to create intensity for its audience.

Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 major falls:

Here we discuss the major falls of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3. It is our genuine opinion and review. It does not relate to anybody.

Ost/song is the complete story:

The ost/song of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 disclosed the complete story of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3. When we saw the ost/song of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3, we saw two people Farhad and Mahi love story where Farhad played by Feroz Khan falls in love with her. But mahi played by Iqra Aziz somehow refused his proposal. And later she realized that his curse will destroy her.

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In another scene, we saw Farhad got the get up of peer faqeer in the tomb of Multan. And he lost himself in the love of Mahi forever.

We also saw another handsome hunk Junaid khan who come to Farhad to get his prayer. And also we saw mahi apologize to farhad for her deeds when she sees him in the avatar of peer faqeer.


So the story is quite obvious that what will happen next. What will be the ending of drama. So there is no suspense. It lost its charm.

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Parda karlo is irritating:

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Public did not digest this scene. According to the scene of parda karlo, all the male servants of Mahi’s house/haveli do parda when Mahi appears. It’s a custom tradition of their house. As Mahi is a beautiful grown-up girl and she belongs to a highly respectable family so all the male servants are not allowed to see her.

Khuda aur muhabbat

But people saw in the drama that mahi flirts with Lahori boy Farhad and she did friendship with him. Then where the parda is gone in Lahore. This scene is quite controversial and funny.

Farhad is a blackmailer:

Khuda aur muhabbat season 3

People declare that Farhad is a blackmailer. He blackmails Mahi with his bad dua/curse. There is no such thing between Mahi and Farhad that made Farhad give bad dua/curses to Mahi. He imposed himself to mahi in the name of useless love. The scene between Mahi and Farhad did not meet the expectations of the audience.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s up to expectations yes there are some directional mistakes… Which are there in every drama or serial… This time its different plot and story… It’s Brillant story as usually…♥️♥️

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