Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 is presenting a weak plot and weird storyline

Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 is now gripping the audience so hard that every single audience now feels emotional day by day. But genuine drama lovers found some mistakes in the story of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 that is not acceptable.

Pakistani dramas are based on real circumstances, situations and emotions. There is no melodrama, over the situation and overacting from actors. Writers play with real circumstances and write their stories for television. But in Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 people found some melodramas and over situations of characters.

For example the situation for Mahi “parda karlo”. People criticize the scene so much that it looks over on the screen. Because the first we saw Mahi in Lahore with full of life and flirty girl with Farhad. But in her own home, we saw the orthodox background of Mahi’s family where she has to cover herself. That looked weird. There are no similarities of such behavior of Mahi in Lahore and Bahawalpur.

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The 2nd thing that irritates so much in the plot of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 is that Farhad’s love is one-sided and he tries to impose his love on Mahi. On the other hand, mahi confessed her feelings to Farhad that she doesn’t love him and the conversation between her and Farhad is just casual fun but not love.

The third thing that made us furious in the plot of Khuda aur Mohabbat season 3 is that “is a true lover can curse his beloved” in the recent episode of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3, we saw that again Mahi wanted to settle all the things between her and Farhad. She wanted to console her by saying such things that are facts. But on the other hand, Farhad cursed mahi by saying that she will surely hurt in the future as she hurt himself and she will never be cured.

Seriously! Tell me in the comment section that is the true lover can turn her love into a curse if his wish will not be granted by his beloved.

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  1. Saif Khan

    U r absolutely right Farhad one sided love or unrequited affection is completely nonsen and on top of that Mahi guilt is illogical because she offer just a friendship to Farhad she neither expressed her feelings nor did any commitment it’s really disappointing for Fans of banner such as Khuda aur mohabbat enchanting and mesmerising season 1

    Whereas Mahi being a member of orthodox family and goes unveil in another city is somehow acceptable and common as we seen in many occasions in real life that girls belongs to Conservative families gets fresh air particularly in wedding parties

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