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Lifafa dayaan story is the game of TRP and dark journalism

Lifafa dayaan is the 2nd web series launched by urduflix to bang your mobile screens. Lifafa dayaan story revolves around a lady who is an anchorperson and successful lady in the field of journalism.

But where people see journalists on the tv screen, the reality is just opposite to it. People will watch the dark side of the journalism world and the combination of politics of our politicians with journalists.

Lifafa dayaan final teaser is out now. Check them on their social media platforms as well as on urduflix.

Pakistan launched its first-ever Pakistani OTT platform just similar to Netflix called urduflix. Where you can explore international tv shows and Pakistani production as well.

In the trailer, you can see a girl named Alina Ali a successful lady in the world of journalism. She is an anchorperson and she runs a successful show “such hai”. People admire her and listen to her. But the story is opposite about her. She is doing yellow journalism where she has the friendship with politicians and owner of the channels. And she charged a high amount for favoring a particular party.

But suddenly her table is turned with another girl Sonia khan. Who replaced her in this field. The gild starts doing the same things as she did in the past.

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Lifafa dayaan story has a powerful storyline and script. You can see that every TV channel is supporting some particular party to get TRP and fame. And the owner of channels easily can make somebody a star, use them and throw them in the basket.

As we all know that this plot is not for television. But the public wants to know the exact dark side of the journalistic field. That’s why urduflix is presenting lifafa dayaan to expose these lifafa journalists of our country.

People used to watch and comment one sided story. But they forget that there is not one sided story but always two side of story existed in society. And lifafa dayaan justify it on screen.

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