List of weight loss fruits, 5 fruits for healthy diet

List of weight loss fruits, first of all let me tell you that there are lot of seasonal and non seasonal fruits which help you to maintain your healthy diet. But first you have to know that there is no fruit which help you to lose weight without exercise or without balanced diet. You have to do workouts with healthy meal for weight loss. But in different diet where you eat less meal and you have to gain energy for various work. Then you try these 5 fruits in your meal list.

List of weight loss fruits:

Here are the list of weight loss fruits.

  • Grape fruits
  • Apple
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Lemon and oranges
  • Melon and watermelon

Grape fruits:

List of weight loss fruits grape fruits

If you are any kind of diet and you are feeling hungry then you must take a grape fruit as a snack. It has low calories, high quantity of vitamins A and C. People are often used grape fruit juice with meal. Because it helps to decrease calories in body as well as weight.


List of weight loss fruits, apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

It is most famous and believable qoute by people and doctors as well. Apple has low calories, high in fibers which helps body in digestion process. And also apple are highly applicable for weight loss.

Drink a juice of it before meal or with meal without any sugur. Or take it in morning with breakfast or before breakfast when you go for exercise or workouts.

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Kiwi fruit:

List of weight loss fruits, kiwi

The most delicious fruit to eat which is soft and tasty. It is small fruit with brown seeds which is used in salad as well. You can use this fruit to your meal list.

It has high in fibers which controls your digestion system and make it smooth to pass from body. And also it helps in weight loss. You cannot gain weight after eating it.

It is ideal fruit for weight loss because of its fibers and low calories.

Lemon and oranges:

List of weight loss fruits, lemon

Lemon and oranges have high quantity of vitamins C. Vitamin C is preserved in all juicy fruits. Juicy fruits are in light weight, have low calories, good in digestion and healthy. Lemon is not a seasonal fruit. You can find in all 12 months. But in some countries, orange is seasonal fruit. Which is found in winters.

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Lemon juice is essential to reduce belly fat. If you take half glass of lemon water (Lemon+water) its citric acid property help to reduce fat inside your belly. And you will easily reduce your belly fat.

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People love to drink juice of orange rather than eating. But nutritionist advice to take the slice of fruits for eating rather than drinking. This might reduce your appetite. And gives you energy as well.

Melon and watermelon:

List of weight loss fruits

Both are seasonal fruits. Which is found in summers only. It is very cheap fruit to buy. Watermelon is very essential for weight loss. Because it mostly contains water inside it. So you can eat a lot of watermelon, but it will no effect your weigh loss procedure. Water will reduce from your body. And you will have a good health and energy.

Melon is rich in fibers and it has low calories. You can use it with your salad, smoothies and frozen shakes. It is sweet and need no sugar in your smoothies.

Moreover for weight loss, you should skip white things from your meal. One is corn, 2nd is white sugar and 3rd one is rice. Trio things have high carbs, calories and less fibers. Yrio are responsible for weight gain in human body.

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