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Makeup artist biggest secret revealed. How to do makeup like a pro.

Makeup artist biggest secret, We all always wanted to know the basic secret of makeup artist. That how they art the face so well that we left in wonder. Makeup artist secret is actually a simple tips. I am not going to reveal the much complicated secrets that you cannot understand by reading my blog. But i reveal simple tips and secret of makeup artist who are pro.

Makeup artist biggest secret

Makeup artist biggest secret:

I love wajid khan who is the top makeup artist of Pakistan. He mostly reveal his makeup secrets on every show in which he comes. He tries to teach some makeup lesson to girls in very simple manner.

Moisturizer in fridge:

Always keep your moisturizer in fridge. Because it reduces puffiness of your skin.

Layer of transperent powder:

Add a layer of transperent powder between your foundation & primer. It gives you long lasting base. First apply moisturizer and primer, then apply transparent powder to your whole face and after that apply foundation on that.

Use wax paper:

Use kissed wax paper on your skin. Try to use it with foundation. That gives you a rosy glowing look.

Mix your foundation:

Mix your foundation with with golden or pearly eyeshadow. It gives your skin a natural glowing look. With warm tint face. Pearly and golden eyeshadow with foundation doesn’t need more highlighted face.

High coverage areas:

On high coverage areas of your face, mix your foundation to loose powder and apply on your high coverage areas. It gives your face perfect look.

Damp sponge:

Always use damp sponge for blending on your face. Because damp sponge gives you streak free blending that girls always wanted.

Silly-con based primer:

A silly-con based primer is highly recommended for middle age women. Because it works as a filler on your wrinkles and creases areas.

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Concealer in triangle:

Apply your Concealer in triangle form instead of circular form, under your eyes. And don’t apply too much just apply in doted form. Straight dots of Concealer creates a lifted illusion.

Bronzer on upward direction:

Always keep blending your bronzer from upward direction. Downward direction application will cover your cheek bones little with bronzer. That goes wrong. Lift your bronzer upward direction, always keep your face lifted.

Use 3 shape in motion.:

First pick up your brush to apply bronzer on your face. Make 3 shape on sided corner of your face, from your hair line to jaw line. No matter what type of bronzer you are using. Just keep making 3 shape on your face. It is the best way to contour your face. Like this.

Makeup artist biggest secret revealed

Blushes on apples:

Always start your blushing area from your apples of your cheek. Blushes on Apple make your cheeks dimpled.

Wet brush:

Wet your highlighter brush and then use it for highlighting. Brush which is wet doesn’t scattered the highlighter all over the cheek. It gives your highloghted area a glam look.

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Full face & bare eyes:

If you want a full face with bare eyes, just add warm tone contour to your crease. It makes your face big with bare eyes.

Lid base:

Why you want lid base on your eyes?The girls or woman who want more pigmented colors on their eyes. Makeup artists use lid base on their eyes by mixing powder & Concealer. And apply it on their eye lid. This helps to prominent the color of Eye-shades.

Brush your eye brows downwards:

Always brush your eye brows downwards because it helps to fill up sparse areas of Eyebrows.

Correct your mistake:

Mostly we did wrong with our eyeliner. When we draw eyeliner and it goes wrong sometimes by mistake. Don’t correct it. Wait at least 5 min to set the eyeliner. And after 5 minutes remove extra eyeliner or wrong places with tissue paper or some pin covered with cotton.

Lift your lids:

By lifting your lid with round shape pencil, you can easily apply mascara from the roots of your lashes.

Blunt pencil:

You have blunt pencil? Don’t worry. Take a tissue paper and roll the pencil ‘s nib on tissue paper. It will smoothen the nib and you can easily apply on your lips crease. It doesn’t hurt anymore.

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