Mathira’s outspoken traditional ideology won the hearts of pakistanis

Mathira, the Pakistani recognized host, actress, model, singer, and dancer appeared last in the Tabish Hashmi youtube channel “to be honest “. Where she gave an interview that went viral on social media and trending on youtube.

Mathira is recognized as a very hot, bold, and outspoken woman in Pakistan. She carries herself as she wants to carry. And she doesn’t care about judgments and criticism from people. People highly criticize her for her costumes, and other things. But she doesn’t care about people.

People judge her as bad women who do inappropriate things to get fame and so on. But in her recent interview, she disclosed her ideology which seems very traditional. She spoke full of confidence about se*. And she discusses the concept of feminism very boldly.

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Tabish Hashmi’s show started with a bang when Tabish asked mathira about se*. She said that:

se* is not a bad thing, if it does not exist then we are not seated here.

Next Tabish Hashmi asked mathira about the element of happiness and calm in her life. And she said,

if God is happy, then everyone is happy. And there is a humanity that exists in the world. God lives in every heart. So make sure not to hurt anybody’s heart

After that Tabish asked mathira about feminism. She said:

man and woman cannot be equal at all, because both have different properties. Man is incomplete without woman and woman is incomplete without man

In further addition, mathira said that:

I saw that society judge man and women differently. If a woman goes out in shorts, then society thinks it bad, and if a man goes out shirtless, then society does not matter. If a woman achieved something, then society says that she would have slept with someone, and if a man achieved something, then society doesn’t say anything about it.

Moreover, mathira talked about her family, her divorce, her boy named Ahil, her divorced, her parents divorced, and much more. She talked about the biggest mistake of her life of trusting people so easily. That damaged her a lot.

After this episode, the episode went viral. And people start loving the ideology of mathira. They appreciate her thoughts. And they agreed with her ideas.


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