Mein agar chup ho
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Mein agar chup ho is following the steps of drama serial jalan

Mein agar chup ho is on aired drama of Har pal geo tv under the banner of 7th sky entertainment. 7pm is the time slot of it and it on aired seven days of the week.

If you are the regular follower of this drama then you will get notice some change. Like repeating history of Ary digital drama serial jalan.

Yes! Mein agar chup ho brings new twist and turns every week. And this week we watch that finally sehrish express her love to ahad. Despite knowing that he is her brother in law and the husband of her own sister.

Same was happening in jalan where nisha used to flirt with her brother in law. And at the end both get married and she terribly destroyed her sister’s life. But in mein agar chup ho sehrish sister finally know the intention of her own sister towards her husband. And she use to hold her down by her own hidden tricks. But we can see that ahad did not show any response towards sehrish. He continuously trying to ignore her and understand her that she is doing wrong.

Why again the scripts and content is repeating. Why directors production houses accept such scripts which has same content like marital affairs and destruction of happily married houses.

It is not shameful that television channels shows marital affairs. Because extra marital affairs are exist in our society. But why in dramas, sisters are ruining each other houses. And pure relationships like sister and brother in law are spoiling. It seems shameful.

People use to watch such shows to see what will happen next. But they never encouraged such stories. We saw in jalan when it was going on air, people continued to highly criticize the drama till its last episode.

Kindly make such dramas that is highly appreciated and entertaining. New content are highly welcomed by people.

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