No eyelashes makeup and natural eyelashes makeup tutorial

Are you Chinese and you have a thin and small eyelashes that is unable to see with a single eye. Ahh well I am nit just talking about Chinese only but the problem of many girls and women. Even Asian women are facing thin and small eyelashes problems like they are trying makeup to cover their thin lashes. Like using extensions, fake eyelashes etc. So I decided to write a detail blog on no eyelashes makeup and natural eyelashes makeup. The girls who have natural beautiful eyelashes but thin and they don’t want to use fake eyelashes or extensions then don’t worry. Read the detail tutorial of no eyelashes makeup and natural eyelashes makeup.

No eyelashes makeup:

The eyes with very thin lashes which are small and congested easily try no eyelashes makeup by this tutorial.


The first step is that you have tweezer in your hand. Simultaneously very slowly and carefully pull out some hair of eyelashes. Don’t pluck them (horrible) but to carefully straighten your eyelashes with it.

Alovera gel:

You should have clean mascara brush in your hand. Apply a little bit of alovera gel on your thin eyelashes. And let them for a while to dry.


Apply a little bit of foundation on clean mascara brush. A very thin quantity of foundation on mascara brush. And apply it on your eyelashes. Don’t use excessive foundation. Because of its weight, eyelashes will start congested with each other. Let it dry.

Eyelashes lifter or curler:

Now use eyelashes lifter to lift your lash up. It is very good accessory to lift eyelashes up. Because some eyelashes are bow down and it should be lifted up to clarify big eyes.


Now its turn to apply mascara on your thin eyelashes. But now you can feel little weight on your thin eyelashes because of the mixture of alovera gel and foundation. You should have good mascara and its mascara brush. Apply mascara on your eyelashes to cover your foundation.

Fake eyelashes:

If you are not happy with your lashes now then you can use fake lashes on your makeup. Try not to use heavy lashes on your makeup as it will hide your eyelids and eyeliner. That will not look so great and it will seem more fake. Use thin and long lashes on your makeup.

Natural eyelashes makeup:

If you have natural eyelashes and you don’t want to use fake eyelashes. Then you must try this makeup on your eyelashes to make it long, thick and lasting hours.

  • As I mentioned above about no eyelashes makeup. You must use light weight foundation with mascara brush on your eyelashes.
  • Brush it well and let it dry.
  • When it dries, brush again as excessive foundation will remove from your eyelashes. And you will have balanced weight.
  • Take a lash lifter and lift your eyelashes up. Try to use blow dry machine on your lifter to heathen it. Not so much but a bit hot. It will lift your lashes perfectly.
  • Now take mascara. And apply it on your lashes properly.
  • Now you will have beautiful big and thick eyelashes.

How to grow eyelashes:

Eyelashes is the beautiful part of our face that makes our eyes extremely beautiful. But those people who lost their eyelashes as having some hormonal or health problems, they will now start growing their eyelashes at home with coconut oil and castor oil easily. Castor oil and coconut oil is easily available in our kitchen. If you mix alovera gel in your castor oil then it will boost its power of growing eyelashes. Even in homemade remedies castor oil is used to grow hair as well.

I hope you will find right tutorial for your eyelashes makeup. Tell me in comment section what is your experience of makeup.

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