Pakistani dramas have lowered the standard of women on screen
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Pakistani dramas have lowered the standard of women on screen

In recent year, our big channels ran successful shows. They got highest trps, ratings and views on youtube. And much more appreciation but with a lot of criticism. Pakistani dramas are loved by people as well as across the border. But now we saw and mostly people agree with it that moral of pakistani dramas are not very much high and today writer are downing the position of woman in their drama. Like they are portraying negative, vulgur, Oppressed characters of woman.

Writer, directors and producers said to define the statements that it is the said reality of our lives now that we have such women around us. But I am not saying that bad women are not found in society. But having such a woman in every fourth house is a rare thing. The dramas show that the woman is a liar. A woman has an illicit relationship with another man and a sister has an affair with her brother-in-law. If we survey fifty households, there are barely three to four such women. Some of which are slanderous.

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The role of women in Pakistani dramas has been shown to be strong. In Pakistani dramas, channels are being shown the same subject which people enjoy watching. Instead people learn something good from dramas. Channels are simply concerned with creating their channel’s TRP and ratings. Which is completely contrary to the real purpose of the media.

Here are some pakistani dramas of 2020 where you can extremely hate the characters of woman.

Mehwish from Mere pas tum ho:

Aiza khan in mere pas tum ho

Mere pas tum ho is claimed historical success in pakistan as well as across the border. It is the story of a couple where wife mehwish ditched her husband danish. She betrayed him and having a marital affair with another man. Just because the other man is so rich and have a lavish lifestyle as she always wanted. She had sexual relationship with him even when she was married to Danish. But after divorced, she toured with other man with out marriage for a month. That is fully rubbish and vulgur character of women. A middle class couple cannot relate to it. But drama was gone huge popular among masses because of its controversies and other.

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Nirma from jhooti:

Pakistani dramas jhooti

It is another project of Ary digital jhooti. It is the story of a girl who are used to tell a lie in every situation. She used to fight, destroy others lives and also her life as well. She completely ruined her brother’s life. Nirma destroyed when she found another man just like her who told her lie in every minute. He ditched her and ran with all her wealth which she snatched from her brothers.

It is completely irritating character. She lied so much that viewers are start irritating with it. And also it sometimes lost its popularity. But people was most awaited of the big end of Nirma where she ended up in mental hospital in severe mental condition.

Nisha and Misha from Jalan:

Pakistani dramas jalan

Jalan is still airing on Ary digital. It is completely disgusting story Where you can see how relationships are being ruined perfectly by sister. It is the story of two sisters, Nisha and Misha. Where nisha always used to jealous of her own sister misha. She starts jealous of her when she got married to a wealthy and lovable husband. Nisha starts playing games with her and her husband. At last. She succeeded. And she married to her brother in law.

This is not rare in Islamic world where own sister ruind another sister ‘s married life. This is not the story of every forth house of Pakistan. Because pakistan has not that type of culture. It is the culture of other non Muslim countries.

On the other hand, Instead, Misha raised her son and raised him well. She committed suicide for an unfaithful man. She did not think of her newborn son. Misha’s death proved that woman is very weak in the hands of man. So that is the weak point of story.

Roshni and maheen from bandhay aik dor sa:

Pakistani dramas bandhay aik dor sa

It is triangle love saga of Har pal geo tv. The story revolves around trio people. Roshni, umer and maheen. Umer and roshni are in love where roshni starts flirt with other man who is rich and modern. But umer and maheen forcefully married by their families. And maheen knew that roshni is not sincere with umer. But she is continues compromise over her relationship with umer. And roshni continues to creat rift between husband and wife.

That is another downfall characters. One is guilty and other one is oppressed. Here woman can’t stand for her rights over her own husband.

Pakistani dramas are terribly failed to show women power or woman empowerment. And i think pakistan need it. Without woman no generation can raise or no nation can progress.

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