Pakistani onscreen couples
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Pakistani onscreen couples never fail to impress their audience

Pakistani dramas have a unique storyline. And it has a strong script when it comes to love stories.

And subcontinent people like love stories to watch where two people are mad for each other. It does not matter what the background of the characters.

But people want that hero heroine should look good in every matter. They should be young according to the character‘s age, and beautiful.

In recent years, when Indian content got banned on Pakistani screens. The trend of Pakistani actors and actress boost up.

Pakistani dramas became the top trend in Pakistan. And people never disappoint by having such good dramas on screens.

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Pakistani onscreen couples:

And our artists are doing a great job by performing different characters. And here we are talking about the best pakistani onscreen couples who never fail to impress their audience on screens.


Pakistani onscreen couples sana javed and feroz

In drama serial khani where Feroz khan and Sana Javed were screened together. It is a desperate love story of a boy Mir Hadi. He was madly in love with khaani and he wanted to snatch her from the world.

And the couple gained huge popularity. The audience loves them and they again appear on screen together in the drama serial Romeo weds heer and telefilm dino ki dulhaniya.


It is another love story. Where danish taimoor and Hiba Bukhari played a central role.
It is the story of influential business and young politician Sultan durani who madly fall in love with poor girl Dilnasheen.

But unusual circumstances made him get revenge on her love lady and then he felt guilty for his behavior and again he wanted to get Dilnasheen force from her husband.

The story is perfect. And the couple looked awesome on screen. Moreover, hiba and danish were seen together in hara dil drama previously.

Suno Chanda:

Jiya and arsal the most adorable couple of Pakistani dramas Suno Chanda. Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed paired up for the project.

Suno Chanda is a family story where a Jiya and arsal are bound to get married. And the plot creates different situations that made them fall in love together.

Also, the drama is not intense like others. But it is a light-hearted comedy live story that has a separate fan following.

Yeh Dil Mera:

In this drama sajal aly and ahad raza mir paired up together to recreate their charisma on screen.

Whenever this couple comes into the screen, people do not care about the story or plot of the drama. They just want to see them together. Because sajal and ahad is a real-life couple too.

They are both seen together in the blockbuster drama serial yaqeen ka safar where the couple goes into trends.

Thora sa Haq:

Here is the most searched Pakistani onscreen couple is ayezah khan and Imran abbas. They did several dramas together. And their last drama was Thora sa Haq which got massive success.

They paired up for muhabbat tumse nafrat hai, tum Kon Piya, koi chand rakh in the previous dramas. And these dramas got huge success and the pair goes on trending whenever they reunited together for dramas.

I hope these pakistani onscreen couples are your still favorite. Comment your favorite pakistani onscreen couples in comment section.

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